I'm surprised for something so common as this, planted along many street side is very much taken for granted. I'm pretty sure some of my friends would be wondering how to maintain an indoor plant. Create a Japanese Serenity Garden with mixed ferns, colored foliage trees, and reflectiing ponds. Maintenance & pruning: Cut back old fronds after new growth begins in spring. The best chances of multiplying this particular type of Huperzia is to divide the rootball into few portion according to it's growth, similar like separating a fern root ball - just make sure there are fibrous roots attached to the stem as these can easily break off. Being an epiphyte, most Huperzia species do best in an open bark mix. Adiantum pedatum - Northern Maidenhair Fern . If the plant is doing well, it will sprout out new shoots and often grow upwards. Most ferns like an evenly moist soil with regular waterings. Too direct Sun can burn the foliage - Too shaded can cause plant stagnation and rot. I too enjoy my tassel ferns as i have a few.I find rogar to be good for the scale but i have always thought that they are a white mite as they tend to suck the goodness out of the plant.Regular spraying of about 3 to 4 months or when you see them,but always use protective clothing,mask and eyewear as directed by manafactory.I … The Medium must be fast draining by the next day. You can water it heavily from the top to bottom also spraying on the foliage. I would like to introduce a New Series on Indoor Plants and hope to come up with 10 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners. See more ideas about house plants, plants, ferns garden. Family Dryopteridaceae . The trick is not to let the root ball totally dried out before the next watering. They begin their unfurling in a normal manner and then flip backwards in a lax droop or tassel fashion. Pulmonaria 'Cotton Cool ... Garden Supplies & Plant Care (357) Landscape Supplies (47) Patio Furniture (80) Consultations (21) Garden Club (1) A Gift of Flowers Subscriptions (4) Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. All Rights Reserved. One of the most beguiling features of this fern is in the development of the croziers. A... Do click and Follow me on my weekly Garden my garden stories and endeavors. The coconut should able to hold the moisture for a day or so but it should not be too soaking wet (muddy wet that it can cause root rot) It should hold enough water that it dries out within a day. There are several Painted Ferns and they all share the silvery foliage with burgundy highlights. Plants form a tidy clump of arching dark green fronds with a glossy finish. Sometimes, it may appear to be withering due to too hot and not enough water to co-op the water loss. Over the years of careful checking and planting I found the best optimum medium material: Coconut husk chuck chips. Polystichum polyblepharum, commonly called tassel fern, is an evergreen fern that is native to Japan and southern Korea. Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards, Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. An herbaceous perennial. You can water it heavily from the top to bottom also spraying on the foliage. If this occurs, you will notice the leaves start to loose color and may appear it's vibrant green slowly turning paper crisp and burn drying out. Apical sections of 5 – 15cm (2 – 6 inches) long are removed from the stock plant and laid horizontally on top of a typical propagation media. I hope you will be enriched & enjoy my Garden Story. Place the root-ball carefully inside and layer tightly with the coconut husk chips as so the root ball do not fall off from the cut out bottom side, you may tie it up with a wire or a string and fasten it together at the top to give it a support as it won't fall off later in the future. Once a Day - Just keeping them lightly moist but not over-watered as it can cause crown rot.


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