Do note the characters used for Bible names, and consequently for many Bible books, differ from those in Protestant Chinese Bibles. CUV with NIV, or CNV with NIV. New testament Published  2009. A few parents have reported that this is a good translation for chidlren, as it is easy for them to understand. Holy Bible in Chinese and English. Click the button below to add the Cantonese Bible (New Cantonese Version) [Hardcover] by Hong Kong Bible Society / 廣東話 to your wish list. The Complete Bible was published in 1894. This website also allows you to do a side by side comparison of bibles, including in different languages. CNV Audio Bible: Listen online for free or download the YouVersion Bible App and listen to audio Bibles on your phone with the #1 rated Bible App. As some of the beliefs differ from mainstream Christianity, only use this if you belong to the movement. on May 15, 2009, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, in the Chinese literary language, plain style (1902) by Schereschewsky, 1875 Chinese Mandarin Easy Wenli [Chinois ] Old Testament by Schereschewsky, New Testament, in plain Wenli (1898) by Schereschewsky, Xin yue quan shu, Zhong xi zi - English and Mandarin Chinese (1880), CANTONESE - New Testament in English and Canton colloquial (1908), Lessons in elementary Wenli = Hua wen shi yi, English - Chinese pocket dictionary - Mandarin dialect, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Some of the Chinese Bible translations are available in two editions – 1. ... Bible Stories in Cantonese on YouTube; Some of the language in the CUV was updated to a more modern and common expressions, while keeping as much of the original translation style as possible. 聖經 - This is the best free android application about Chinese Traditional (Cantonese) Bible in Chinese Union Version. Publication date 1997 Topics Chinese, Yue Genesis Translation, yue Publisher Hong Kong: Hong King Bible Society Collection longnow; rosettaproject Digitizing sponsor The Long Now Foundation Contributor … Please share your experience, so that others can understand more about the different versions. This is the CUV Bible with updated punctuation inline with modern usage. Published 1999. Many of the above bibles can be read online at Bible Gateway. The first complete translation to be published was that of Joshua Marshman in 1813, followed by that of Robert Morrison in 1823. You can learn the bible in bilingual languages. Usually paired in bilingual Bibles with the English Standard Bible or the NIV. Paired with the Good News Bible or Today’s English Version in bilingual versions.This version is legally available in China. The base text is the English New Living Translation with comparison with the Greek originals. My usual combination is Chinese New Version CNV with New International Version (NIV) in English. Published 1968. Regarding traditional or Simplified characters, go with the script you are more familiar with, as well as what your church is using. A dynamic equivalent Chinese Bible. The base text is the English New Living Translation with comparison with the Greek originals. Published 2012. Your email address will not be published. I do not know enough about it to make a recommendation. Published 1988. This Chinese Bible app comes complete with text and audio Bible, all chapters of New and Old Testament. Old Testament is still in progress. Informal (uses modern spoken language) and is easy to understand, designed for a general audience with a seventh grade education or above. Read the Studium Biblicum Version online. (formerly known as the “New Chinese Version” (NCV), but the English name and abbreviation was changed to avoid confusion with the English New Century Version.). sually paired in bilingual Bibles with the English Standard Bible or the NIV. Many native Chinese choose to use CUV for memorization, as this is the most widely used version. The Holy Bible (KJV) Green Hardcover - Red page edges / King James Version / British and Foreign Bible Society - Cambridge University Press / Bible Containing Old and New … Only use this if you are a Jehovah Witness as their doctrines and beliefs differ from mainstream Christianity. Read the Studium Biblicum Version online. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by And the app contains Chinese (Drama and Non-Drama) and English mp3 audio for holy bible. For children, or evangelism, you might want to pick something with easier to understand language, such as Chinese Contemporary Bible CCB. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Other resources for the Bible in the Cantonese Language; Joshua Project;;; Bible publication dates; First portion was published in 1862. For example, “John” is 若望 in this bible and 约翰 in in Protestant Chinese Bibles. This translation has received criticism over several significant issues, and is not recommended. We’ve heard countless stories of lives being transformed as a result of this new resource – one that was obviously so desperately needed! Some Christians say the commentary notes are questionable. A few parents have reported that this is a good translation for chidlren, as it is easy for them to understand. This version is legally available in China, in both printed and digital forms. The entire Bible has a total of 2,400 footnotes. This is list of the Bible translations to Chinese language.. Bible translations into Chinese began with unpublished manuscripts by individual Roman Catholic priests in the sixteenth century and individual Protestant missionaries in the early nineteenth century. The New Testament was published in 2000. Which bible version are you using? Published 1970. Be the first to review this product! A dynamic equivalent Chinese Bible. And you can search keywords in the … Finding more information about each version can be found on Bible Gateway website. Catholic Bible. There are many translations of the Chinese bibles, and I have listed some of the common Chinese translations, as well as some that belong to other church movements, so that you can make an informed decision which is inline with your beliefs: Published 1919. The project kickstarted in 1972 and finished twenty years later in 1992. “Shen” Edition (神版) and 2. Published 2010. Published 1979 and revised 1997. Published 2012. For example e.g. Regarding the translations, if you are very fluent in Chinese, you might consider Chinese Union Version CUV and Chinese New Version CNV in parallel – CUV  to relate to others who use this (as it is the most widely used), and CNV for a deeper understanding, as that is the version most relatable language. Jesus Loves Me Cantonese Lyrics / 耶穌愛我粵語詩歌歌詞, Jesus Loves the Little Children Cantonese Lyrics 耶穌喜愛世上小孩粵語詩歌歌詞, Songs4Kids 基督教兒童音樂: Christian Kids’ Music in Hong Kong, Mid Autumn Festival – Cantonese Teaching Activities 中秋節粵語教材, 神 愛 世 人 , 甚 至 將 他 的 獨 生 子 賜 給 他 們 , 叫 一 切 信 他 的 , 不 至 滅 亡 , 反 得 永 生 。, Revised Chinese Union Version RCUV 和合本修訂版. Free Traditional Chinese Teaching Resources and Worksheets on the Internet, Cantonese Vocabulary Videos for Kids on YouTube, Free Sagebooks Wordlists Printable with Cantonese Jyutping, What You Need To Know About Cantonese: the Vernacular and the Formal, Free Online Resources for Learning Cantonese, Colloquial Cantonese Kids’ Educational Resources and Printables, 83 Cantonese Proverbs in One Illustration, Special Interest Lessons in Cantonese for Kids on YouTube, Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation, Revised Chinese Union Version RCUV 和合本修訂版/ 和合本修订版, Chinese Contemporary Bible CCB 當代譯本/ 当代译本, Chinese New Living Translation 新普及譯本/新普及译本, Today’s Chinese Version TCV 現代中文譯本/ 现代中文译本, Chinese Standard Bible CSB  中文標準譯本/ 中文标准译本, Studium Biblicum Version (Catholic)  天主教思高譯本. However, as it was printed over 100 years ago, the language can be quite archaic and stilted. Many have found this version of the bible easier to understand. This is used by the Local Church movement, which some consider a cult,  in Taiwan, and contains commentary notes written by Witness Lee. With the update, it is easier to read and understand than the CUV. Published 1961. Published 1992. The TCV Bible uses simple, easy to read Chinese, and might be viewed as a paraphrase rather than a translation. This article hopes to help you navigate the different Chinese versions available, so that you might make an informed decision. Copyright 2020 bibleinmylanguage. This is the most well-known and most common of Chinese bibles and is the choice for Chinese churches worldwide, and the standard for memorization and use in church services and activities.


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