Keeping track of your documentation is a key part of the licensure requirement. As part of its responsibility, the OVMEB establishes rules and guidelines for continuing education. Licensees shall assist the board in its audits by providing timely and complete responses to the board’s inquiries. Free webinar: Addressing challenges in veterinary practice post COVID-19 . Medical Device Reprocessing in All Appropriate Settings : A Myth-Busting Course. RVTs in Missouri are required to obtain a total of 10 CE hours every 2 years. VSPN has over 35,000 members world-wide ranging from veterinary assistant students to veterinary technician specialists. (d) A minimum for veterinarians of one hour each in judicious antibiotic use and appropriate analgesic and anesthetic methods. (a) At the time of making application for license renewal in years when CE reporting is required, the veterinarian shall certify on the application form that 30 hours of CE, and the veterinary technician shall certify on the application form that 15 hours of CE, as set forth in this rule have been satisfied. 875-010-0090 Continuing Education Requirements (CE) (1) All active licensees, including veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians, must comply with the CE provided in this rule in order to renew their licenses. The board may conduct an audit of licensees to verify compliance with the continuing education requirements. CE hours: 30 every 3 years (WAC 246-935-280) Management topics: 10 hours out of 30 are allowed. PROVINCIAL VETERINARY TECHNOLOGIST/TECHNICIAN ASSOCIATIONS, Safe Direct Medical Supplies (PPE) for RVTs, CONTINUING EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES – Veterinary Medicine, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS IN AMERICA, REGISTERED VETERINARY TECHNOLOGISTS AND TECHNICIANS OF CANADA, Avian & Exotic Patients: The Basics – February 12th 2020, Neurology: Seizures- Start to Finish – March 11th 2020, Canine Rehabilitation – November 12th 2020,,, North American Veterinary Research Group (NAVRG),, Continuing Education Opportunities – Veterinary Medicine, Specialities — Laboratoral, Academic & Societal. The AAVSB is partnering with CE Broker, the worldwide leader in continuing education tracking software, to enhance your ability to track your continuing education. The board shall review the schedule and outline to determine if approval will be granted. (B) Completion of audio or video recordings, electronic, computer or interactive materials, or programs on scientific subjects prepared or sponsored by the board or the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) or its successor—Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE). A renewal license will not be issued until all renewal requirements have been met. Modules 2 and 3 of the course will explain how to best navigate the disinfectant landscape and today at The outline must include the program’s subject matter, the number of hours required for its presentation and the identity and qualifications of the speakers and instructors. The course will explore the ways in which scents from disinfectants used at a veterinary clinic can impact It also covers the importance of implementing a quality system that includes a quality assurance (QA) and control (QC). Mandatory CE for Registered Veterinary Technicians – CE Requirements. The RVTTC is delighted to offer a new online education portal for all RVTTC members. Veterinarians shall report 30 hours of CE to the Board with license renewals for every odd-numbered year. This course covers the basics of medical device reprocessing, i.e. Each module takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. AUTHORITY: sections 41.946, 340.210, 340.258, and 340.324, RSMo 2016. *Original authority: 41.946, RSMo 1991; 340.210, RSMo 1992, amended 1993, 1995, 1999; 340.258, RSMo 1992, amended 1999; and 340.324, RSMo 1992, amended 1999. Amended: Filed July 9, 2008, effective Jan. 30, 2009. Everyone that registers will have their own account and can create their own unique profile, thereby getting the education that is most relevant to YOU! PURPOSE: This rule defines the minimum standards for continuing education for veterinary technicians. Their e-mail address is (6) A continuing education hour includes, but is not limited to: (A) Fifty (50) minutes of attendance at an approved workshop or seminar; (B) Fifty (50) minutes of reading an approved journal; (C) Twenty-five (25) minutes of presentation in an approved workshop or seminar. The Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada (RVTTC) and Virox® Animal Health are excited to come together to provide the RVT community with an opportunity to revisit the importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention via a 3-part complimentary online course titled “If You Only Knew…” which is available on– as an educational portal. (7) At least three (3) hours of the five (5) hour per year requirement shall be obtained by—, (A) Attendance at an approved workshop or seminar; or. A licensee is not required to obtain any continuing education hours for the reporting period in which the licensee graduates from an accredited school of veterinary technology and is initially licensed to practice as a veterinary technician in Missouri. NEW! The first module will focus on the effect of scent in RVT’s completing the course will walk away Continuing education hours earned after November 30 shall apply to the next reporting cycle.


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