These fairy tales fight back. So Throne of Eldraine was just an absolute mistake, right? Although the casting cost of this legendary artifact seems pretty steep, it's actually really easy to discount. Check. Fittingly enough, this card gets better the earlier you play it, costing nothing if it's your first spell. She's so pushed in power that she looks like a Modern-only card from Modern Horizons. It's probably good that Syr Alin is a legendary creature. I've been playing a ton with Core Set 2020 since its release on MTG Arena, and this set is a blast for both Sealed and Draft. Whenever a new planeswalker is printed, we will always spend a little more time with it to see if it has something good, and these do! But an instant bounce that gives you a dork, and can bounce up to two more for two more dorks is quality. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Secondly, its instant spell side is super powerful when it comes to removing either an enemy creature or a planeswalker. In a traditional environment, you only give this away when you use it, so you can tap and use it to Demonic Tutor your hand, and then send it over. If you open one of these cards, you're in great shape, and all of them are worth trying to draft toward. Now there is a break on this. It helps to sell this idea If the first time you do so you have a lot of powerful, pushed cards. If it takes one turn to cast a creature, then that can be up to three turns recasting them. With draw engine cards like Drawn From Dreams and Fae of Wishes, it’s also not too difficult to find the card. First of all, this card has a very relevant creature subtype: Zombie Knight. You can cast both halves and basically have an etb effect without actually having an etb effect. This means that you don't have to build an entirely separate deck around this card, but rather include it in the Mono-Green Stompy shell. From Stranglehold to Flickerwisp to Avarice Totem to Brand to Baral's Expertise, there are a lot o' ways to prevent your foe from Talisman'ing. All of them have non-Human synergies that can be just as strong as those with Human ones. Net result? Throne of Eldraine has given us several new toys to play with in Commander – and not all of them are legendary creatures. The London mulligan rule also allows you to search specifically for this card. Commander Legends releases on November 20, 2020. I'm not sure if I need another destruction effect, and the dork on the other end will almost never get played. All in all, there are just better - and often cheaper - options than Memory Theft. It’s 9 cmc makes it seem daunting to cast, but it’s actually fairly easy to play if you have a Lovestruck Beast or Rotting Regisaur on the battlefield. Get a dork or land in them. Sure it is in the honourable mentions. And there you are! Consider such adventure cards like Bonecrusher Giant, Order of Midnight, Beanstalk Giant, and Flaxen Intruder for some incredible combos. I'm not sure why, but some of the cards feel pushed and potent to me. It could be a powerful blue counter spell, but its limitations prevent it from really becoming a game changing threat. The biggest advantage of the Clackbridge Troll cared is its low casting cost, which lets you play it on turn four or five with an extra mana producer. While green is typically known for having big, bulky creatures, The Great Henge allows you to go big and wide to overtake your opponents. This card is so good! It can be an excellent addition to a Field of the Dead land, which can start summoning zombie tokens with the help of Fabled Passage. There are times when the Gravedigger's four-mana cost prevents you from casting your dork immediately. In addition, Barrow Witches is beefier than Gravedigger, and the only drawback is that it can't return from the graveyard. Feasting Troll King is another of my favorite cards for T4 in the set. Here is the infrastructure for this brother/sister tag team to succeed. Free equip on arrival? Opponents are often forced to spend 2-3 or more mana to deal with the 1 mana Innkeeper, which also means you gain a mana advantage just by playing it. Your foe gets the Talisman. If you draft any other creature type except Human, you'll find that Grumgully is one of the strongest Limited cards in the set. You can also play several copies of Lucky Clover for stacking effect, which will surely trigger some devastating spell avalanches. Jokes aside, resolving The Great Henge essentially means you’ve won the game. In their memory, again, hurt your foes for 1 damage. You also don't have to spend any mana to draw an extra card. OUAT essentially gave you a free mulligan and made it far too easy to find the right cards you needed early game – all for a cost of 0. Clackbridge Troll continues this tradition in a very interesting way. This is undoubtedly the most powerful green card in the new set. Along with Oko, Veil of Summer (not Eldraine) and Once Upon A Time were also so good they had to be banned. When you can spend any amount of mana, that means this bounces and makes a number of tokens, similar to Aether Mutation. Third, it can draw you cards and gain life every turn for just one black mana. With all 269 new cards in Throne of Eldraine, it will be easy to do, as the power level of this set is massive. Second, it doesn't need to attack players and planeswalkers separately, which makes things so much easier. This format is awesome, and I've been having a blast so far. Since you can make any amount of mana, this will always deal 7 damage to three targets. If you have something like a Mayhem Devil or Korvold on the battlefield as well, it only adds to the combo’s effectiveness. This opens up huge possibilities for deckbuilders to create a whole slew of new and improved lists for the next season. This is the last column where I get really excited to first-pick a card, as the quality drops off from here. Instant. This card is awesome in Type Four! Flash? She's nasty with pro-artifact synergies and strategies. Honor their death by shooting your foes in the face for damage. But a fat body that will already draw a card when it hits itself, and could trigger at other times too is pretty good for card flow in a color that always is looking for more. Rob and I talked about this card a good bit on our Throne of Eldraine Set Review, and how it just hits all the boxes. It also works with basically any color combination (Jeskai, Grixis, Temur…), although Jeskai seems to be the strongest currently. All in all, it's a terrific little card. This is the perfect midrange card. It can be an excellent counter to any control archetype. The card is particularly potent in the BO1 format, since it effectively gives you a 15-card advantage over your opponent.


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