You can include the chopped mushrooms stems if you like, but I usually leave them out, and use them another time. 7. I have been told that they are better than most restuarants serve. Baked stuffed shrimp can be served with cocktail sauce and celery sticks. Kathy, cooked shrimp on ice sound pretty delicious on this hot and sticky Rhode Island day. The photos you took are stunning ! Baked stuffed shrimp is an impressive entree or appetizer recipe that’s prepared with Jumbo shrimps that are cut into, It sure does add a bit of sophistication to an appetizer table and brings in so much of delicious. Ritz crackers remind me of childhood. ». For me, they're better off in my memory than in my pantry, where I'm sure to eat them right from the box. This recipe is calling my name! Step 2: Heat butter over medium-high heat. The filling is really mounded up. You can always discard the shell while eating. Just take them out, assemble and bake away! There's plenty of moisture in the filling, and it cooks through in the same time (20 minutes) that it takes to cook the shrimp. I haven't had Ritz for a while though (no idea why)...but I'll be buying them soon and trying this recipe. I used to eat ritz all the time as a kid, but they never seemed to make it to my adult pantry. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, By subscribing, you consent you are above 16 years and you accepted our privacy policy. You can also rustle up a simple greek salad or lettuce, tomato, and cucumber salad for a light supper menu. You should be able to flatten the shrimp, except for the tail section, and scrape out any black vein. That seems like it would be an awful lot. Thank you. Ritz crackers are a worldwide favourite I think. I would have loved to try this recipe tonight--the shrimp look delicious. Everyone was stuffed after several courses for a seven fishes feast on Christmas Eve. Anh, Mae: I love these crackers, too, which is why, like Mae, I don't keep them in the house. Mound one tablespoon of cracker filling on the shrimp, and smooth into a large mound. butter. To prepare the shrimp: remove the shell, leaving the tail section on. I don't really care for ritz crackers but that photo is stunning. 4. Sean, this dish is a real New England classic. The mixture should be fairly dry but should just hold together. Ritz crackers is the food of the gods. Your recipe is presented in a very attractive format. I usually try to keep at least one type of cracker on hand at all times, whether it be saltines, Club crackers or the stone wheat variety. in American/Canadian recipes, Cupboard, Fish and shellfish, Pantry Specials When ready to serve, melt the remaining 2 tbs. Susan, I do think Ritz crackers are overlooked as an ingredient. This helps them to hold shape beautifully and you can always discard the shell while eating. I tried the recipe using the fat free ritz crackers and can't belive its not butter and it was just great! Home-made Fish Finger Sandwich with Pickled Banana Pepper Rings. roughly chopped white bread (any, we used ciabatta), Ritz crackers ( roughly crushed, not fine), bread crumbs (any, we used the regular variety). I swear I am not making this up... Step 3 Place a shrimp on a … And love the photo of the "periscope shrimp" with their tails in the air. One thing that is not covered is when your baking it, do you cover it with foil? I never loved PB, though. Stir in the melted butter, lemon juice, parsley, white wine and pepper. Your crab meat stuffing is ready in a Jiffy! The package or tinned crab meat that is readily available in the supermarket work wonderfully well for this recipe. Now, brush the top of the stuffing with the leftover butter from the pan. yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with a friend discussing her baked stuffed shrimp recipe and that lead to a discussion on the virtues of Ritz crackers (she uses them in her recipe) and then when I got off the phone and sat at the computer to check email...BAM!


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