they where amazing. All rights reserved. 12 thoughts on “ OREO Cheesecake Cupcakes ” Sarai Leticia Bautista Ramirez July 6, 2014 3:56 am Reply. It had to stay in the oven a little longer but it turned out great. Oops! There’s no reason for them not to be cooked given what you describe. Huge hit and they are asking for more. Where have these been all my life? Def going to continue to use this recipe! Put them in the refrigerator to cool for about 3 hours. The same exact thing happened to me. These oreo cookie cheesecake cupcakes are incredibly easy to make (especially for cheescake) and everyone loves them! Top with mini Oreos and your cheesecakes are complete. Use the electric mixer to beat the cream cheese until it is smooth. . Nearly impossible to get perfect in Alberta here… pushing them right to the edge of burning just to get them to stiffen up. They came out perfectly. Place an Oreo in the bottom of … 275 worked just fine for me. Our school has a special program next week, where we can sell our own products… And I think it would be a lot easier for me to make the buttercream a day before I use it…:) Hi I am also from Hawaii and was wondering how they turned out and if they were a hit with the kids? Hi Laurie, They’re awesome for potlucks. Thanks for your review Imelda and so glad they turned out so nicely . Not sure what to do. If Oreo cheesecake bites shrunk what went wrong? I kinda eyed the recipe when it came to the sour cream, though I thought I put less than needed. I haven’t tried this recipe with egg replacement so can’t comment. Do these need to stay refrigerated if I don’t plan on serving them right away? Will have to make these for my sister’s birthday this weekend . . Having had skin cancer…I am a walking PSA about “embracing the paleness”. Cook Time. Thanks for your review Connie and glad you enjoyed them! They turned out great! I added 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla and I piped it into the mini cupcake tins lined with papers. AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | BOOKS-A-MILLION. Did I possibly overfill my cups. The paper cupcake cups prevent any sticking, so no need to spray… Have a great holiday! However, after getting one really awful all-over sunburn at the beach some years back (famous last words: “Oh, I’m not going to bother with sunscreen; we’ll only be here for a little while), I’ve become much more conscientious. And into the oven they go to bake for 25-30 minutes at 300°F, a slightly cooler oven than usual. 35 min . They just didn’t set up well and I refrigerated them and still just didn’t hit the mark. Just wondering how tin foil cupcake holders would work? Total Time. Hi there, Thanks for your review! Thanks , Hi Jess, Thanks for asking. Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Pasta, Doughnuts from Refrigerated Biscuits (Four Ingredients! Oct 30, 2017 - Explore Deborah Peterson's board "Oreo cheesecake cupcakes" on Pinterest. Could I use silicone cupcake liners or will they stick? ). Hi there, Thanks for your comment. Made it for a friend’s birthday party, my 1st time making cheesecake. The extra sour cream is probably the cause and not the Double Stuf. ), (Lightened Up!) It’s not that I want to die of skin cancer. This post may contain affiliate links. Try blue lizard sunscreen available at drugstore dot com or some walgreens. I just came back to the site to read if anyone else had any lumps and realized I didn’t put the sour cream in this batch! It depends a bit on how exact the oven temperature is and convection helps too… We’ve updated the recipe to 25-30 minutes at 300 degrees to help them firm up. We originally used a cooler oven, but it didn’t work as well for some people. I think the cheesecake part needs a little something more. Mix the cream cheese with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl to make the batter. Only thing I did was add 1/4cup of lemon juice to make it more like cheesecake. Three people asked for the recipe so that’s promising. (Reserve some roughly chopped Oreo pieces to garnish later. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If I make 24 how much longer do you think they will need to bake? -Share your sweets with me on Instagram Use the #mycupcakeaddiction so I can see them & I’ll re-share some of my favorites! Will definitely be making these again , Thanks for your review Maria – that’s awesome! You could make these months in advanced. A medium-size mixing bowl and a hand mixer work well…. Yes, a standard size brick of cream cheese is 8 ounces, so 4 of them comes out to 2 pounds. So, adding a little bit of flour gives it more of a NY cheesecake texture. Amount is based on available nutrient data. My family loved them!! I was wondering which setting did you set your hand mixer to whole mixing the ingredients? This recipe is no bake, and absolutely delicious! Perhaps my idea of a "mini-muffin cup" is different than other people's but an Oreo won't fit into one of what I consider to be "mini". Loved these with the peanut butter Oreos in the bottom! In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese, gradually adding sugar, vanilla, eggs, sour cream, mixing well after each addition. Me and my friend made this and we didn’t let anyone else eat it! Divide batter into muffin tin. However, it’s unlikely to expand so fast at such a low temperature. Help!? Hey, this is my first time using this recipe, I have used another recipe before but that one said to cool for 6 hours in the fridge before eating but this one does not say a time to cool…? Thanks My kids are big Oreo fans. Might be worth checking your oven temp and trying again…. I just hate that goopy feeling all over my skin…and I don’t love the smell, either. Are they supposed to firm up when cooling? Hi Julie, 300°F is the correct temperature! plus 3. It should work but please let me know how it turns out , I tried with egg replacement and it expanded really fast and now I have to clean the oven out. How did they turn out? Remove from oven and transfer to cooling racks. And a dessert kick. mine shrunk and cracked and I even baked them at 275. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla Hi Brenda, Thanks for your question and sorry it’s taking longer. Really delicious recipe. Divide the batter among the cookie-lined cups, filling each almost to the top. Also I love that they are in portable cupcake forms and I sort of don’t want to make cheesecake in any other way right now. They are still delish! Mini Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes are a bite-size dessert featuring creamy cheesecake and a hidden oreo crust on the bottom. Otherwise, they taste good and kids will love them. Why did mine shrink so much?? Re: sunscreen Hi there! 300° for 25mins. It’s cool in summer. I’m making these for 22 little kindergarteners. I did have to add 3 more chopped Oreos and mine were a little more golden, but otherwise perfect! Cook Time. No smell, rubs in like lotion and provides excellent sun protection. I followed the receipe exactly and they did not cook. Oreos are on sale this week at Woolies! Here are pictures showing them baked at different temperatures.


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