However, she does not remember capturing Marian, as she has captured and killed many in the past, so she needs her Mirror to show her the exact moment this occurred. After the King has died, the Magic Mirror suggests to the Queen to use a Huntsman to kill Snow White which she agrees to. Then she calls Sidney in, who goes into detail about everything because he had hoped he would get his job back by kidnapping Kathryn. Maleficent | First appearance: Sidney is surprised. Also, while the wish is granted the genie has no control over what happens, therefore if the wish is not specific it can have dire consequences. Coven of the Eight, Work effortlessly to impress Regina and that eventually she will love him back. Latest appearance: Later Sidney is imprisoned in the basement of the hospital in one of the cell rooms with the words S.Glass on his door. The Snow Queen, however, uses her magic to shake the bridge, endangering Emma and Regina. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"), Following the death of her father, Snow White seeks comfort in her stepmother, all the while unbeknownst to the fact that she was the one responsible for his passing. Sidney is trapped in the Mirror once again. Mother Gothel | He had always been working for Regina, so that they could humiliate Emma and be one step ahead of her at all times... ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"), Emma is called to investigate the car crash and apparent disappearance of Kathryn Nolan, and Sidney, camera in tow, shows up at the site, fabricating a story around her disappearance. Regina tells her Mirror that she has a different idea - she believes the book, and not Marian, is the source of her suffering. Snow White | Genie Magic Work effortlessly to impress Regina and that eventually she will love him back (formerly)Return to human form and get revenge against Regina for her treachery against him (succeeded) After Marian is cursed with a freezing spell from the Snow Queen's magic, Regina vows to find a cure. Emma is confused, because she was certain that David wasn't lying, but Sidney tells her not to beat herself over it, because David has lied before and is apparently good at it. ("And They Lived..."), Retreating to the home of the White Rabbit, Amara uses her magic to heal Cyrus' wounds. Regina claims that Sidney has gone crazy. Snow is then heard saying to Charming that they take back the kingdom, and Regina says, "We'll see about that..." ("Lost Girl"), With Regina now at war with Snow White, the Magic Mirror's help is seeked out by the Queen's father, Henry, who wishes to stop his daughter's quest for vengeance. One cannot wish for another person's demise by death, bring back the dead, make someone fall in love, change the past or use one wish to ask for many more wishes. Cruella De Vil | GALLERY. Gaston | The Mirror suggests that one of her knights kill her, but Regina claims that it has to be someone with no heart. Occupation The Queen's father, the Valet, brought a basket containing two Agrabahan Vipers to her and she was ready to kill herself until the Genie said he would use them to kill the King instead of her and they will be together. The Red Queen is tortured and forced by the Jabberwocky to do her wishes. Once gone, the Mirror comments that, on the bright side, Regina still has him. Ursula | During the debate, Emma, with a guilty conscience, tells everyone the truth, and explains to them that she feels bad for letting everyone think her rescue of Regina wasn't premeditated. Mystical Scapegoat, Powerful scrying abilityKnowledge of the farthest reaches of space and timeGathering information, Return to human form and get revenge against Regina for her treachery against him (succeeded), KidnappingTortureMaleficAbuse of PowerFraudConspiracyTheftAssaultIncrimination. The two soon reach an ice bridge that was created by the Ice Queen, and walk across. The Genie tells the Queen she is the fairest. By doing this, she suggests that they find the book's author and only then she can force the writer to give her a happy ending she is entitled to. King Arthur | Because he had a large family to feed baba, Ayub saw his days being consumed by hard work. Regina is most displeased by this, singing her frustrations to her Magic Mirror who, to her annoyance, sings back. Young Grace is enchanted by a stuffed white rabbit, and Jefferson wants to buy it for her, but he doesn't have enough money. She takes the newspaper from his hands and comments that it's not what she asked for. Anita | Nimue | The King then locks her up in a tower, and Henry, the Queen's father, brings his daughter a chest with two deadly vipers from the land of Agrabah. So, what made you think of genies? Truly believing the Queen loves him, the Genie murders the King and tells him that he was the man who gave Regina the mirror. She gives him an ultimatum--he can either free himself from trouble by helping her or go down with Regina. ("The Return") When Jefferson sneaks into the psychiatric ward of the local hospital to get to Belle, he walks past a room with a label reading "S. Glass", indicating that the reporter is in solitary lockup. He later gets the information he seeks from Anastasia and leaves to pursue Amara and Cyrus. Jafar convinces Amara to cast the spell with him, stating that it is the only way to save Cyrus, to which she agrees. There are, however, some wish restrictions. Emma asks him if he was able to find anything useful against Regina, but he says that he couldn't, because the Mayor is very good at covering up her tracks. Once Upon A Time Lyrics: Once upon a time, son / They used to laugh with their hearts / And laugh with their eyes: / But now they only laugh with their teeth / While their ice-block-cold eyes / Search They are people who have used the water from the Well of Wonder to fuel their own desires, and have therefore been cursed to live in a lamp or bottle immortal, while granting the wishes and desires of anyone who becomes their master. He shows her images of the prince and princess reunited, and the former asking the latter in marriage. Once a wish is granted, it can not be undone. Worlds: "We're going to the Forbidden Fortress. In one of her schemes, the Queen acquires help from a portal jumper named Jefferson who refuses to lend his assistance to her. Later Prince Charming escapes the Evil Queen's castle to rescue Snow White, but the Magic Mirror shows the Queen his location and banishes him to the Infinite Forest.


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