Like pace and volume adjusted individual stats, this statistic accounts for teams pace. Join our linker program. Are you a Stathead, too? Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Friday, May 1, 2:56PM. The more assists you have per giving up a turnover, the better off you are. From the perspective of NBA betting, researching information on offensive statistics in the NBA can be among the best information that you can find... just as important as researching defensive statistics. The Polar Opposites of Golden State and Philadelphia, The Different Types of NBA Draft #1 Picks, Why the Warriors Will (Easily) Beat the Cavaliers, Behind the Numbers: Steph Curry is the MVP. ( Log Out /  Offensive Rating DefRtg Defensive Rating NetRtg Net Rating AST% Assist Percentage AST/TO Assist to Turnover Ratio AST Ratio Assist Ratio OREB% Offensive Rebound Percentage DREB% Defensive Rebound Percentage REB% Rebound Percentage TO Ratio Turnover Ratio eFG% Continuing through the categories of offense that you can review, we come to shooting stats: field-goal and free-throw percentages. Finally I should note that the offensive and defensive ratings on these pages will not match what you see on the team and season summary pages for two reasons: This entry was posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 8:46 am and is filed under Announcement, However, the originator of this formula, Dean Oliver, moved this concept to the player level as a way to estimate a player's offensive contribution to his team. The sportsbooks will be doing their best to handicap those based on pace and offensive efficiency, and you need to do your best as well. How To Read Offensive Team Rankings. Because people shoot worse on 3s than 2s generally, this can skew normal field goal percentage, but it doesn’t skew Effective Field Goal %, which is as close as we have to a measurement of the value of an average shot by a given player. Another great shooting metric is True Shooting %, which is abbreviated as TS%. Do you have a sports website? In other words, they are found by computing the team's offensive and defensive rating for each game and then averaging them, whereas the offensive and defensive ratings on the team and season summary pages are computed using cumulative season statistics. Synergy services, plus minus statistics among others serve this purpose. Here is a screenshot of the team ratings table for the 2011-12 season: As you can see, the table displays the unadjusted and adjusted margin of victory, offensive rating, defensive rating, and net rating for each team. Margin of victory only requires team and opponent points for each game, so it can be computed going back to the 1946-47 BAA season. Since teams shoot worse on threes than they do at the rim, that could explain a lower FG% as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Offensive rating, along with defensive rating is invented by Dean Oliver.. You can see this reflected in scoring - games in the early 2000’s were much lower scoring than they are now. As such, APBRmetric fanatics generally prefer the offensive / defensive rating statistic which adjusts for pace by rating an offence or defense according to the points they score or allow per 100 possessions. These are separate, but in general, they relate back to how a team shoots. You can find a ton of great statistical information relating to NBA offenses if you just look for it. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. All rights reserved. What Other Useful NBA Offensive Statistics Are There? Some of the all-time leaders in this category include Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller, Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Kiki Vandeweghe. Find out more. Most Valuable Player: ... Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Scoring can be further broken down into offensive output at home, versus on the road. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? This statistic actually started out as a way to determine how many points a team scored per 100 possessions. Weaknesses: It merely looks at points per possession. Position and Shot Adjusted Marginal Scoring (PSAMS), Current NBA Team’s Use of APBRmetrics Departments. Offensive proficiency rating or offensive productive efficiency is a statistic used in basketball to measure either a team's offensive performance or an individual player's efficiency at producing points for the offense. The big one that comes to mind is the offensive rating, which is basically offense normalized to a per 100 possession statistic, which gives, more or less, the average offensive output of a team. 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft Updated –, schedule-adjusted offensive and defensive ratings, CBB: Advanced Stats Added to Player, Team, Season, Boxscore, & Leaderboard Pages, CBB: Use Our Adjusted Power Ratings to Fill Out Your Brackets, B-R: HOFers Are Now Marked in the Elo Ratings, Yearly Schedule-Adjusted Offensive and Defensive Ratings, 2013 Hall of Fame Candidates – BBWAA Ballot, FBref Adds Women’s World Cup History & Match Reports, How to Add Sports-Reference’s Sites To Your Phone’s Home Screen, List of NBA Players Waived in 2005 Under “Allan Houston Rule” Amnesty Clause, Professional Sports Leagues Steroid Policies, Ways Sports Reference Can Help Your Website, Automatically Link Your Blogs to SR Player Pages. So bookmark this page, click the various stats headers to re-sort the standings based on the … This statistic actually started out as a way to determine how many points a team scored per 100 possessions. This can be extremely useful to your prospective wagers or the matchups that you are looking into. However, offensive rating, defensive rating, and net rating require complete team game logs, so they only go back to the 1985-86 NBA season. I had actually planned to add a page like this for every season a few months ago, but I got sidetracked by other projects. Copyright © 2015 STATS LLC. ( Log Out /  For those interested, the defensive statistics similar to this can also be found in that section, so there will be opportunities to check things out from all angles. In addition, it is the difference between offensive rating and defensive rating that Advanced Stats users appreciate most when it comes to ranking teams. It is similar to eFG% in that it takes into account the value of a three-point shot, but TS% also takes into account the value and rate at which a player makes their free throws, making it a comprehensive overview of what the player produces as far as all types of shooting offensively. League-Average Offensive Rating: 108.3. Pace is the underlying factor in many offensive statistics.


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