Every week is shark week, and I think this is a borderline bomb. The split ratings here are to convey how good this is in a normal blue deck versus how good this is in a deck built for the late game. When I see Theater of Horrors, I think of the dominating RB midrange deck from last Standard. Vizkopa Vampire I’d mostly want to play this as a 3/3, but it’s pretty context-dependent—if you have the opportunity to get a nice shot in, then go for it. At 3 mana I’m likely to main deck the first copy of this almost every time. The second is that spectacle makes the opponent more prone to block, so you’ll have more opportunities to use this, and if you think of this as “sacrifice a creature to kill any creature it’s blocking or blocked by,” it becomes a lot more appealing. Wilderness Reclamation is also an enchantment which makes it much harder to remove. I’ll play this in creature-heavy aggressive decks, especially with synergies like afterlife or Act of Treason, but it’s not great in control decks. This is likely going to be a must-answer threat out of aggressive RB or midrange Bx decks in Standard until it rotates. If you find another Electrodominance, you can keep on having fun. Having a Birthing Pod effect on a creature with no mana cost is insane. With Electrodominance, untapping with Niv becomes a lot easier. It’s all about sending a message, and afterlife on ensures that something is getting through. is easy to cast and demands a trade, which makes it a winner in my book. I like this more out of the sideboard, as it can be very strong against creatures with ETB abilities or evasion, but you won’t know that until you’ve seen your opponent’s deck. That’s enough for me, and should prahv to be a card you’ll always be happy to run in Azorius. There are matchups where this will be one of your best cards and matchups where it won’t do a lot, but overall I suspect it’ll be worth a slot. The Incongruity half isn’t worth a card on its own because giving them a 3/3 is a big drawback, but if you can cycle it then I like the card. How do you break the symmetry here? I wouldn’t go too far in changing what creatures I play because of this, but it does get worse if you’ve got a bunch of 1/1s in your deck. provided by Channel Fireball. This is some real chocolate and peanut butter action, and it’s one of the better Azorius cards out there. The cost goes up as you try and cast more of them, but having one will be excellent. All of this might sound like janky combo shenanigans, but we haven’t even considered what could happen once you add Growth Spiral, Gift of Paradise, or Teferi, Hero of Dominaria into the mix. You don’t need a token or life gain theme to run this—as long as you have a decent amount of creatures you’ll be happy. Your creatures are bigger so they can’t be ignored, and when they do trade off you get to distribute a bunch of pings. Wilderness Reclamation and Electrodominance are really, really strong, and if they’re played together, you can do completely absurd things early in the game. It also leaves behind a 2/1 flyer for 3, making this a solid deal all around. I don’t think it quite cracks 3.5, but wow, is it good. That’s not a big ask, and it doesn’t even stop working if you have a duplicate—you just miss out on one card. I’ve gotten to apply some Biomancy on Arena and the results have been promising. The deck wasn’t doing anything novel: it played the best aggressive threats (Bomat, Scrounger), the best midrange threats (Rekindling Phoenix, Glorybringer), the best answers (Abrade, Magma Spray), and… mediocre card advantage (Chandra, Karn). One thing to note is that putting the opponent to 4 is an effective threat even out of a control deck, as long as you have a couple creatures hanging around. The casting cost on these does limit them a tiny bit, but this is still a 4-mana 5/5 that’s hard to block. Rakdos loves their pun names, huh? Windstorm Drake needs friends, but gives the opponent the business once it has a couple. So much for that Gruul independence, eh? Prime Speaker Vannifar is the best Legendary Creature in this set. The activated ability is very powerful, and once you get to 8 mana it is almost unbeatable (especially given that you have a 5/5 flyer in play). Toggle Dark Mode Toggle Dark Mode Price Preference Even if you discount my soft spot for octopi, this card is just a beating. This may not be the most popular card in Ravnica Allegiance, but we cannot wait to see it in action. Maybe you can sideboard this in a control mirror, but for the most part it shouldn’t make it off the bench. A. It’s rare that a Commander can embrace both aggressive and controlling strategies. The combo with High Alert Or, if you got into Magic more recently, it’s Experimental Frenzy for midrange decks. A 1/3 is a little dorky, and I don’t think the triggered ability comes up all that often. Sauroform Hybrid fills out your curve early and becomes a real threat late, which is all you can ask for from a 2-drop. It does buff some of your Azorius creatures, but spending a card on that and having it only work on a subset of creatures isn’t where I want to be. You can trade it off and get it back without too much trouble, and it’s efficient enough that you don’t even need to return it to get your money’s worth. I’m a little less high on this in Gruul decks, but it’s cheap and flexible, so it’s not the worst even there. Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for.


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