If that sounds like your requirements for a portable SSD, @sabreā€¦. Hopefully you guys are doing the same as me and collecting massive amounts of technical data on this kind of thing. It is a project that we have had a lot of fun with, and that we enjoyed using to enable the enthusiast community to do new and interesting things. Want more choices? may i buy aquarium pc kit from you. If anyone knows where i can still buy one of these or if there is a Tank fitting the Open Air Test Bench, then it would be nice if you commented below. Why dont we spam them so they know how much they deserve to crash and burn? I understand that you can no longer sell them, but I would like to make my own and I really like the way your clear cases look. So they become self governed and have self control this allows them to operate as they see fit . Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Well you could always wait for that patent to run out..... i know how you feel, i built a box 12"x12" that held goo (any color and seemed to favor daylight) it had a capacity of over 900 TB and could save and read the data (about 1tb ) in about point.32 seconds, the power consumption was a little higher than i wanted during read and writes, about point.9 volts but it was ok until i do further research. The whole point of this is to be a DIY project. Would it be at all possible to release a cad file or even just a technical drawing of the tray the components were mounted on by itself? It's been a while, but I want to say we started to see a drop in flow unitl it became a trickle at about 10C. "The widespread notoriety of our aquarium PC video on YouTube confirmed one thing for us at Puget Systems; there are a lot of people out there very interested in this idea," said Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems. Ah typical patent trolls. Please see our V4 kit! I need some help. Do you think something like that would work? Would have loved to have made one of these, I have a few spare 560mm Rads lying around and could find a good sized aquarium, but seeing your mobo tray design w/ the meters etc makes it all come together. It is a shame to see another innovator in immersion tech get pushed about. Super sorry this happened to the company; it's so heartbreaking. I am also under the impression that the support of large corporations for changes designed to allegedly combat patent troll companies is designed merely to better enable large corporations to control things more with patents. Is there any way you can post the part files, please? It would be the equivalent of the computer chassis. So please.... OPEN SOURCE IT! Now i have some money to build, and yes it's gone. Also available in a $375 version with an external radiator for high-powered rigs. is there any place else that will sell the kit or at least the parts i am planning on making one for a senior project but the kit is shut down. I looked into it, its an uphill climb. Where is it? Your best bet may be to do what our very first aquarium system was where you just get an aquarium tank and a motherboard tray (FrozenCPU sells trays or you could salvage from an old chassis) and mod it all together. No patent on individual parts, and MAKERS can figure out the details. So I have made my devices and use them and all other amputees have to do without the benefit of my intellectual property. There's no patent for you to break in that regard. Then congress passed a law, rule, statute saying that they are to be self funded and what do you have. Isn't that a monopoly? The inventors are members of this company. I have pored over all of hardcore's patents and dells and others that are close to get my patent done. This item is no longer in production. It hurts more than it helps. Patents my ass. 2. On a smaller scale, I get why you guys started with acrylic fishtanks but it seems like all the enclosures you used in your experiments and kits are one piece acrylic tanks of relatively small capacity. As for the other company... things are a bit sensitive right now so we actually took their name off the post above. Claim 9 US Patent 7403392) are bogus and the patent should never have been granted.


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