STAY AWAY!!!! Growers beware; It is not a high yield plant and produces sparse results though it has a very good dank flavor and smell and is especially potent. Its best if the quality is always consistent for a patient, instead of having to search for another dispensary business in seek of another product to try. Adelanto. Good bye . Both really knowledgeable on all aspects of canabus. Mountain High Growers in Temecula, CA. I contact the driver immediately he told me to contact the main office which I did and basically was called a liar and that it was correct which it wasn’t !!! So I called to tell them about the mistake so it can be fixed. Directions. I go between this one and TOP FLIGHT which is great so use them and not this service at all!!! Theres a good chance of finding a legal East Hemet, CA 92544 dispensary location or maybe within 15 miles or so of your current location. The customer is always right, so with that said, the patient is always right. A mix of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies , found mainly in the West Coast British Columbia Michigan and Arizona. A customer forever. A blessing to all who smoke it, Kosher Kush is a very high quality Indica strain with a ludicrously high THC level of 29%, making it a potent medicinal weed. The high creeps up slowly but has good lasting power. Doing this allows us to guarantee that our member's product is nothing less the 100% Quality \u0026 Organic.\r\rWe take pride in our Professional delivery service. A Sativa dominant strain produces a mostly “head high” and although it may take a while for it to kick in, when it does its very strong. I asked if he could take it back as defective and he said if he does that the reps for the company will notice nothing is wrong with it and the store won't get a refund. But his buddy, Mardogg, still had some seeds. The weed was so dry, I couldn't even attempt to rehydrate it. This is a high that sedates without leaving you incapacitated. (#2) Multiple Medical Approaches & Formulations Theres great need for patients to have many formulations and formats to accomplish the goal of an evidence-based approach to relief. She ran me off. We do not buy or purchase products from other growers or suppliers; our goal is to maintain a well balance between the number of members and the amount of product in our gardens. Gorilla Glue No.4 was accidently created by Joesy Whales when some Chem Sis plants he was growing hermied and pollinated his Sour Dubb. Xternal Mud has been found alleviate the following conditions: Now Open. Flavor Variety; Ceylon Black, Sencha Green, Caffeine Free Chai. Its important for patients to use titration, start off with a low dosage and titrate the dose by slowly increasing the amount until the desired effect has been met. It is a good choice for those who have developed a high tolerance to puffing and for pain management. Lasts for 12hrs. (#4) Dispensary Location & Customer Experience Patients are important just like any customer for any business, they'll continually return if satisfied with the service, products, location and maybe most importantly their overall experience. Skywalker is an Indica dominant 85/15 strain that is well known for its extreme relaxing effects, and head-in-the-clouds euphoric high Add to cart King Pen - Skywalker OG - 1G I get Marcus often or Steve. Ladies with P.M.S. Hands-down the best in the Antelope Valley. • Skin Irritation • Backache West Coast Cure's WCC OG presents the ultimate luxury cannabis experience. DESERT ORGANIC SOLUTIONS - Palm Springs 92258, Green Cross Pharma - Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, SCSA South Coast Safe Access - Santa Ana 92705, OC3 Orange County Cannabis Club - Santa Ana, 4.8 star average rating from 1878 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 3439 reviews, 4.7 star average rating from 2543 reviews, 4.6 star average rating from 1286 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 5331 reviews, 4.6 star average rating from 1265 reviews, 4.7 star average rating from 1302 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 2095 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 5151 reviews, 4.9 star average rating from 1022 reviews, 4.7 star average rating from 2718 reviews, 4.6 star average rating from 1040 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 1029 reviews, 4.9 star average rating from 4177 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 1639 reviews, 4.9 star average rating from 3814 reviews, 4.7 star average rating from 1096 reviews, 4.7 star average rating from 3092 reviews, 4.6 star average rating from 1534 reviews, 4.8 star average rating from 1786 reviews.


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