I really do this to help animals and their people. The cat in question was taken back to the original “rescuer” and people expressed gratitude in the final outcome. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. “HE DOESN’T TALK TO YOU, HE ONLY TALKS TO GOOD CATHOLICS!” she said. Companion animals are such a blessing in our lives. “I TALK TO ST. FRANCIS ALL THE TIME!” I yelled. In this day and age, social media sites like Facebook allows disgruntled clients to vent and lie to the extreme. I have tried to spay a neutered male cat. This veterinarian was doing nothing more but providing compassionate care to a cat in need…a cat who had been previously living in a freezing, snowy park. Mycroft has been vomiting for 7 days and not eating. Consult  your quality of life list. I promise that we care deeply about the health of your pet. Most of us won’t answer this question. Here’s the thing though…many, many cats actually make very affectionate, loving, dedicated, comforting, entertaining companions. We laugh at their antics, and enjoy their company. Yes, Mrs. Roberts was crazy and yes she was being a wee bit irrational, but I reacted in a manner that made it much worse. Now some of this is because we are dealing with medical terms that can be confusing. C) Listen to your technicians. Oops. Having your pet be in bad health can make even the strongest person succumb to emotional distress and when we take them to a veterinarian and they’re able to get them back to good health, it’s one of the biggest relieves us animal lovers can ever feel. Most breeders care about making money. I have seen vet techs patiently bathing Parvo puppies that are covered in foul diarrhea. We know the power that our knowledge and experience wields, and we don’t ever want to have owners feel pressured into making such a crucial choice. Your undergraduate work often must include classes such as Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Anatomy, etc. They are a rare breed indeed, hahaha. On a more somber note, I’ve made mistakes that have resulted in the death of my patients. Sigh. Because veterinary technicians generally spend much more time with the patients than the veterinarian does, they will often be more affected by the death or euthanasia of the patient. This is even true in the veterinary pharmaceutical business. I want to tell them that deciding between being a veterinarian or a technician is somewhat like wanting to be a nurse OR a doctor. She pointed to the oxygen mask the technician was holding on Max’s face. I was sort of like the little weeny Chihuahua that barks really loud at a passing Rottweiler…I sounded tough but often felt like running away with my tail between my legs). It is sad, and tragic, but that breeder will then determine that all Boxers everywhere are sensitive to Acepromazine and should NEVER receive it! I am not thinking of padding my pocket. What about my experience with ALL breeds? When a cat head bumps you, or wraps its tail around your legs, or grooms you, they are expressing deep affection and devotion to you. After examining Mycroft Dr. White tells Mrs. Smith that she needs to run blood work and take some x-rays to figure out what is going on. Once the puppies arrive, at the appropriate time they will take them to receive veterinary care and vaccinations. There will be days where they act like the puppy or kitten they once were, and days that it is obvious they are in pain. On the other hand, veterinarians have gone to school for at least 8 years. They don’t want to spend any money on diagnostics or treatment because it is “just a cat.”  While this certainly also happens with dogs, it is far more common with my feline patients. They don’t deserve to be in this profession. A client tells all of his friends that his veterinarian killed his pet but fails to mention that he did not follow a single treatment recommendation given to him by his veterinarian. You find the same phenomenon if you look in the Pet section at a bookstore. “BECAUSE I TALK TO HIM AND HE TELLS ME THOSE THINGS!” I yelled at her. The main reason I will not make the choice for owners, is because I will never know their pet like they do. Write that down. YOU MAY AS WELL SPRINKLE FAIRY DUST IN YOUR DOG’S MOUTH! I still to this day am not sure what happened, but I know that he was very little, and I was “fairly” sure I was cutting a testicle. If your vet tells you one thing and your breeder tells you another…please for the love of Heaven listen to your vet! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I nodded and said she was quite the survivor. When breeders make a blanket statement like “Boxers cannot have Propofol because they are sensitive to it” they are not basing it on cold, hard science. I am proud to be in this profession. They think that just because they poke an animal with shots that it is protected. Take a vacation, even if you don’t think you should. Clients have asked me a lot of questions through the years. The original “rescuer” threw a fit. We all know that when our best friend(pet) is in dire need for medical help, it can be a very stressful situation. Changes are very high that they are covered in bruises, scratches and bite marks. I want every single one of my patients to live long and happy lives. Then read the other ones, especially “Communicating with the Crazies,” “The Unanswerable Question” and “The thing I hate about being a veterinarian.”  Then go volunteer at a veterinary clinic for a few months. Is that weird?”. Someone else's job being hard does not take away from other people's jobs being hard as well. I’ll smile when I make a tricky diagnosis or do a tough surgery, but I don’t strut. A quick physical exam revealed a raging heart murmur and fluid in his chest. It is ALL in their breeding. You deal with death on almost a daily basis. The owners will get angry, and call the cat moody. We don’t throw colleagues under the bus and we try to give other veterinarians the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, as I was wandering through the aisles of PetSmart I noticed a rather sad trend. I’ll be kind to myself, play with puppies and kittens whenever I have a chance, and ensure that my tin foil hat is nice and shiny. Dr. M. quietly walked her through the procedure, and ended Max’s suffering. Unable to add item to List. If I tell a client that Utah has mosquitoes and Utah has heartworm disease, and their dog needs to be on heartworm preventative, it is because I don’t freaking want their dog to get heartworm disease! Thank you very much for that observation though! I am not exaggerating. I always secretly laugh when clients insist that the DOCTOR trims their dog’s toenails, or when the DOCTOR cleans the cat’s teeth. Even when you compare dogs and cats, they have different diseases, react differently to medications, and even have differences in their anatomy. You will know when it is time. I am a bit of a nerd, so usually when I go to PetSmart or any other pet store I wander the aisles looking at products. Ruin toilet paper rolls. GRRRR. That being said, euthanasia can be very hard on veterinarians. There are numerous other resources that your veterinarian can provide to help you through this process. If we wanted to make money, we would have gone to human medical school, or mechanic school, or school to become a Wal-Mart manager. I bit my lip really hard, and mumbled something about orphaned kittens and the suckling reflex. Many people in the general public have this idea that a vet tech spends their day playing with cute and fuzzy kittens and puppies, or that they are nothing more than glorified kennel cleaners. For those of you reading this that don’t know… treating a dog for heartworm disease usually involves injecting a substance similar to arsenic into the muscles in the back. Almost all vets I’ve met still eat meat so they love pets not animals. I also learned to try to keep compassion and understanding at the forefront of all of my client interactions. I think many people see more pay off in their relationship with a dog. Honestly, do you think I want to kill your dog? By that same token, cats just don’t get the same level of preventative care. We read. The truth is that the emergency vet recommended testing and the client declined. Of course, I had no idea if that was true, but it sounded good. If your pet has one good day after a week of bad days, ask yourself how you really feel your pet is doing. You find them in any profession. I was referring to the patron saint of animals. There are good days, great days, quiet days and no-time-for-the-toilet busy days. If, after all of that, you still want to be a vet….then go for it with everything you have.


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