I think Thor would lose this one. Hyperion - is-he-a-new-heavyweight-for-marvel-, Who is the strongest avenger now ? It, but Thor in general still has his feats also; so Gladiator has also fought him... @thebestofthebest: What do you mean? well then again im not sure if hyperion can speed bitz or not  but it only leaves to glad and hyperion  unless hyperion can come up with a good strategy to find away to get the victroy  i have a feeling that gladiator would win because he his superior fighting skills)). Classic Thor has proven at least the equal (and occasionally superior) to normal Hyperion.However King Hyperion does appear to be more powerful and aggreessive than a nornal Hyperion.Could the range and special attacks of Thor (God Blast etc) overcome King Hyperion - possibly if he gets to employ them.I'm going to say that a better chance to win is with King Hyperion. If not, then I'm guessing Thor and Hyperion would team up to defeat Gladiator, since, of the three, he would probably be the "bad guy" and the other two are self-proclaimed heros. @johnfrank120: Okey Fair enough as i said Thor is cooler than KH . @johnfrank120: Gladiator and Thor have fought, with both have there on and off, however King Hyperion is above Gladiator; and Thor as well. Hulk is the strongest here and would beat both Thor and Hyperion 1v1, most times then not. Hulk. Conditional. In an alternate universe Thor selfishly keeps his future version's Mjolnir and also keeps the Necrosword to sustain him forever as a God. Hyperion. Hyperion was "designed" to be Marvel's "Superman"; his origin is pretty damned similar and his group, the Squadron Supreme, are all basically foils of various Justice League heroe's from DC. Thor did beat Hyperion, but it took 3 of them to beat King Hyperion and I don't think Thor could beat 2 of them. The alien god thor is and pretty much will always be the most powerful. Also he showed that his combat speed is faster than Thor's lightning. Thor can win only with Odin force. ima thor boy, straight no doubt about it, but i actually see gladiator winning this one. Gladiator has already beaten Hyperion like a red-headed step child. Gladiator has also encounted Hyperion and there was an exchange of blows. Classic Thor has proven at least the equal (and occasionally superior) to normal Hyperion. the Hulk. Did anyone mention Odin Force? Physically strongest is hulk but overall most powerful is most likely thor. Hulk faced off against Hyperion. Hyperion vs Captain Marvel TrionAce. Is this just a mindless fight, with no reasoning behind it? And of course the two strongest fight. Fastest? Hulk has defeated Hyperion but it was before in Giant Sized Defenders #4. and after The Defenders fought the squadron supreme. Thor did beat Hyperion, but it took 3 of them to beat King Hyperion and I don't think Thor could beat 2 of them." the creator. It's hard to say because 1) which Hyperion is it, 2) gladiator's abilities are based upon his level of confidence and 3) what are they fighting for? Conditional. Hulk is faster in combat than thor, fastest his Hyperion, strongest is Thor, most powerful is Thor, but as for durability Hyperion has shown really good feats and some not very impressive ones so i cannot judge that. @dondave: You're right, but basing myself off his previous "incarnations" he might be the fastest one. Dual-Mjolnir Necro-Thor, Hyperion, and Starbrand vs, The Beyonders. Thor has fought Gladiator a few times, and bearing in mind Thor still has classic feats etc... @kingant27: I think this is classic Thor only. @johnfrank120: Classic Thor was a beast, however Classic Thor still get those feats... King Hyperion also manhandled a Hyperion that matched Gladiator, who has also been able to fight and have his on and offs with Thor etc... @kingant27: And Classic Thor has wrecked Silver Surfer who also beat Gladiator. Also have more and more impressive feats in Thor God of Thunder. According to their power set of course. Which Hyperion was confirmed in the first posting - Original Squadron Supreme Hyperion. Gladiator would be fairly confident as usual, although he has seen Thor in action a few times and has fought him to a draw. King Hyperion wins, despite his lack of credit on here... @kingant27: How is he gonna beat classic thor? Forum Posts . That said, Hyperion couldn't avoid Hulk from seemingly leaping at high speed towards him and actually, between these 3, Hulk might be the one with most combat speed feats as far as i know. Depending on who is writing her, Danvers can be one of the most OP superheroes in Marvel. Hyperion should win. The Avengers’ Hyperion (now in Squadron Supreme) Killed Namor, held two realities apart for a lengthy period of time, and then survived the blast of their mutual destruction. Those Thors King Hyperion dealt with are featless. 616 is faster and stronger and superior to Ultimate in basically everyway, he'd take them down. Thor, easily at that. Strongest? Thor.....Here's whyThor advantange isn't speed or strength. Could the range and special attacks of Thor (God Blast etc) overcome King Hyperion - possibly if he gets to employ them. (I am not counting starbrand, the cover boy). current Hyperion that is on the avengers team.


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