How to wear converse at School Idea. The black cropped leggings help to show off the trainers, while making sure you don't end up looking like a lollipop! You can use any lace colour, but red, white, or black laces will make you stand out. There are endless options on what to wear with red converse high tops that we could not exhaust in this article. Psst! HOWEVER, Converse high tops can sometimes make a girl’s ankles look gangly and disproportionate. From beach chic to sophisticated tailoring, these are some of our fave ways to wear your canvas shoes all summer long. Nothing beats the magical combination of red and green as the two colors complement well when properly matched. Additionally, you can have red accessories like a blazer, hat, or scarf to help complete your look. Nothing beats the magical combination of red and green as the two colors complement well when properly matched. Plus when this French classic is teamed with sporty Converse there’s less risk of becoming some walking Riviera chic cliche. How to wear high top converse for girls . You can wear black fitting pants with loose clothing on top, then accessorize with a watch. Unleash the skater girl inside by wearing an A-line skater skirt with high top Chuck Taylor trainers and a basic vest top. A T-shirt, lightweight knit or grandad collar shirt are the safest styling options to go for. For blue denim, opt for white Converse as a failsafe option and inject red elements into the rest of the outfit to complement the sole stripes on the trainers. Looking for what to wear with red converse for guys? The brand’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic (to give it its full name) has enjoyed an unbroken run of success since the rubber-soled basketball shoe hit the ground almost 100 years ago, and that’s because the iconic design and unmistakable silhouette make for one of the most versatile styles of all time. Nevertheless, a pair of red Converse high tops is versatile and can complement various outfits from gym wear to smart casual and even a classic look. A pair of red Converse represents a bold statement with an amazing fun pop of colour. Converse and skinny jeans is the ultimate girl about town look for those days when you just want comfortable jeans. Wondering why I didn’t mention knee-length dresses? You might think Bodycon skirts aren't a style that would work with Converse style trainers, but if you get the rest of the outfit right it's a great casual look. Choose black or white low top Converse for the most amount of outfit options and only invest in other colours if you only plan on wearing them on downtime days. All black outfit with red Converse high tops. High-waisted mom jeans look great paired with flat shoes, particularly Converse low tops. Here are 12 DO’s and DON’Ts based on my experiences observing them on the streets. Born in Ivory Coast, Eudoxie is a social media sensation dubbed the “African Kim Kardashian”. To prove how versatile they are, here are seven stylish ways to wear your Chuck Taylors The Converse outfit above will work just as well in the office as it will in the bar drinking a cocktail or two after. “Both retro and modern, Converse makes a timeless choice in a minefield of hype trainers and are far more cost effective.”. For downtime days, we love the combination of a turquoise jumper and pink Converse in the outfit above. Skinny jeans and red Converse high tops. Photo: @sapatarialagoazul, If you like rolling up your jeans, then red Converse high tops will give you the desired, perfect look.


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