Regularly complimenting your co-workers or employees can actually boost their performance: Liben points to a link between expressing well-deserved performance-related recognition and improving professional output. ("What if she thinks I’m weird?" As relationship expert and coach Rachel DeAlto puts it, "Compliments create positive energy! You are really cute. 5. Read More: How To Say Sorry And Really Mean It. If someone has put in an effort, or even if they have not, if you see something that is worth praising, then go ahead. 188. 186. In general, complimenting someone’s personality or accomplishments will have more meaning. In these situations, it is okay to stretch the truth a bit—your boyfriend will still appreciate knowing the qualities in him that you find attractive. You can also compliment a girl out of nowhere, but that’s a bigger move. 30. Examples might include that your husband looks "dapper" or your girlfriend is a "phenomenal" athlete. You are the weirdest person that I have ever met. You are perfect just the way you are. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. This line emphasizes how amazing you think your girlfriend is and how lucky you feel to be with her. 86. 138. And like gifts, giving them can benefit the giver as well as the recipient.". Sincere: The intended compliment must be sincere and genuine. You never fail to surprise me, and I love that about you. You can also compliment a girl out of nowhere, but that’s a bigger move. I love hearing you laugh. Think about the type of message you want to convey. Your email address will not be published. 124. Highlight other’s strengths, forgive their weaknesses. Compliments for women They’ll Never Ever Forget! Good job.. You bring so much light into my life. Just keep them fairly short, and avoid the use of text speak. How do you know this girl? You are amazing at changing diapers. I love how confident you are. At this point, you are like family to me. Giving compliments is not only about saying few words, but giving compliment is about feeling those words, you should mean your compliment, you should be genuine and true with your compliment, some people feel that by saying few good words they are actually complimenting someone, but that’s not a true compliment, True compliment comes from your heart and your genuine words touches other people heart, hence giving compliment is not as easy as you think, it must be pure true and genuine only then you’ll learn to give compliments. 226. If done right, you might even make her smile. 27. Complimenting an outfit or hair is one thing. 266. 264. Some of these complements wont work. Compliment her on what she is doing in her photo. A kind, genuine, thoughtful compliment is like a form of magic—it has the power to turn someone’s day around in an instant and make them feel proud, happy, and appreciated. Read More: 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time. Send a card thanking a person who gave you a gift. I hope you found this to be a useful read. 31. It feels so good to receive a compliment, Every individual loves to get compliments, getting a compliment from someone makes us feel good and happy, Compliments not only makes us feel good but it also strengthens our relationship with others, it plays a great role in building a good relationship, Getting a compliment really gives us joy, but do you know that giving compliment to others make us feel happier, giving compliments not only give happiness to others but it also gives us joy, it not only makes us happy but also keeps our heart healthy and fit. A one word compliment for photo will pass the message you wanted to convey to your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, husband, wife, brother, sister or partner. 236. It looks amazing. You are such a ray of sunshine, especially when the days feel so dreary. I hope I can accomplish as much as you have. 104. My parents love you. You look even more beautiful without makeup. Finally, if a foreign language seems daunting, how about trying your hand at sign language? Send such picture with YOUR photo as unusual compliment to girlfriend or wife. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to offer a compliment is to ask someone to help you do something. When in doubt, slip these compliments subtly and naturally into conversation when it feels right. You know how to make me feel like a man. You are making a difference in this world. 121. 309. Otherwise, I would never be able to afford you. You make me the happiest man in the world. You work so well with everyone else here. To do this as effectively as possible, "the compliment should be genuine and deserved," she says, as well as performance-specific. Liben points to research showing that giving gratitude-based compliments, in particular, correlates with greater levels of optimism, satisfaction and happiness. 127. Write a note to your aunt telling her how much you enjoyed your last visit. I love that there is still at subtle smell of your perfum when you ironend my shirts. 297. 3. 293. You have such a great mind for detail. Copyright © 2020 The Artisan Life on the Foodie Pro Theme, Free Self Care Ideas (that you can do at home), 100+ Positive Adjectives to Describe a Child, Like all printables here on The Artisan Life, the complement cards and poster live in the, « DIY Polymer Clay Mermaid Box – Magical Mermaid Box Tutorial. 305. While giving a compliment to someone or your loved ones, always have an eye contact, because looking at the opposite person directly in their eyes will make them feel that yes you are genuine with your words and this way of giving compliment will for sure bring trust in your relationship. However, complimenting someone’s body at work leans towards being inappropriate. So to put the first two steps together, for example, if you're thinking about complimenting a friend about her vacation-planning skills leading up to your girls trip, consider why you appreciate the related actions—did she make the trip fun and stress-free for everyone else, for example? In the words of Dr. Steve Maraboli, “….I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words wherever I go. 274. I do not know how you do everything that you do. 63. Always compliment someone publicly, people usually make a huge mistake by complimenting someone personally and by giving feedback publicly, some do worst thing by criticizing publicly, at first we should never criticize someone and publicly should be a big no-no, we should always compliment someone publicly, this will keep your relationship stronger, and always give feedbacks personally, this will avoid embarrassment and insult kind of feelings.


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