Have you purchased a set of 10 patch cables from eBay for £3? In the Guitar Noise Manual, Jody starts by breaking down guitar rig noise into 6 types: 1) BUZZ 2) HUM 3) HISS 4) DIGITAL NOISE (WHINE) 5) POWER SUPPLY NOISE 6) CABLE MICROPHONICS. So, saying you have a number of good quality pedals, decent amp, a guitar that isn’t noisy and a quality power supply that eliminates hum but still have unwanted noise in your setup, you should start looking at connections between pedals. Most guitar pedals are powered by a power supply adapter (wall wart or isolated), though some can be battery powered, too.If you are powering your pedal with a battery, the first thing to try is a new battery. An isolated power supply uses a transformer to keep each of its outlets completely electrically isolated, offering a separate clean power path to each pedal rather than a daisy-chain set-up, where the power flows from one pedal to the next. What is an isolated supply, and why is it important? For each noise, Jody explains its causes, then offers a targeted set of solutions. 1. Basically, it minimises unwanted noise. Depending on the problem, guitar pedals can emit a low hum, a loud crackle or a high pitched squeal. Low battery life can also cause your pedals to become noisy, so it’s smart to invest in some 9-volt power supplies so that you can eliminate this problem. Typically, the problem is related to the wiring or the potentiometers in the pedal. Check pedal power supply compatibility.


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