Come visit with us on the porch at Sycamore Hill Farm to watch the cattle graze or experience the wind swept peaks of Sandy Gap Farm to see industrial hemp grown or pick your Christmas tree. So, after a continued request for freezer beef from our family members and neighbors, we recognized the demand for our beef. Rest assured, you will be happy with our high-quality beef raised locally just outside of Lexington, Georgia. So, we were thrilled to find a nearby ranch that produced high-quality grass-fed beef. A&M Farms is a family owned and operated All Natural Certified Grass Fed Beef and Finished Beef Farm, we are located in the heart of The Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Southwest Virginia where there is plenty of room to roam free, fresh air to breath in, and the steams are clear and plentiful. Sycamore Hill Farm cattle are raised without grains, added hormones, antibiotics, and no feed-lot strategies are used! This means you can feel confident about the safety and nutrition of the meat you consume from Sycamore Hill Farm. "Grass" encompasses many things. Grass-Fed or Grain-Finished Beef Georgia -The Georgia Beef Company supplies Atlanta and North Georgia with the very best Angus Beef you can buy. Fresh, healthy, locally grown beef. The Georgia Beef Company is proud to say all of our beef is healthy and delicious! These genetics have been time tested and developed by using leading technology and more than 100 years of combined knowledge. P.O. Sycamore Hill Farm offers Wye Angus grass fed beef, the finest beef grown, ready for pick-up and direct service to your dining table. We are what we eat, and so are animals! The Ranney Ranch is a family owned cow-calf ranching operation that sits at 6200′ in the high mesa country of central New Mexico. Fresh, healthy, locally grown beef with no added hormones. Grass Fed Beef That Is Delicious In Taste & Tenderness! To learn more click here! We are excited to sell our by the cut products at area farmers' markets, including Cashiers Locally Grown on the Green Wednesdays 3 - 6 PM and Highlands' Saturday Market 8 AM - 12:30 PM. The Best Angus Beef You Can Buy – Directly From Our Farm To Your Table. Sycamore Hill & Sandy Gap are owned and managed by, operating under BMB Farms Management & Consulting, DBA This affects the taste and mineral content of the beef. Click here to learn more about the health considerations or here to learn about how to cook grass fed beef. By the Cut - Available at local farmer's markets starting August 2019. It is currently available from butchers’ shops, farmers’ markets or directly from producers through their farm shop and by mail order. We use only the most proven genetics for tenderness and taste. That means a GOOD price for fresh-from-the-farm grass-fed hamburger and an AMAZING price for fresh-from-the-farm premium grass-fed roasts and steaks! Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef from The Georgia Beef Company not only tastes great, but it is also a nutritious protein source. Bulk Orders - 1/4 Beef $7.00, 1/2 Beef $6.50, Whole Beef $5.00 per pound hanging weight, Gourmet Bundles - On the Grill Pack $120.00 and Sampler Pack $70.00. We encourage you to arrange a visit with us to discuss rural mountain farming, our practices, and see the farm animals at Sycamore Hill. SLANKER RANCH 903-732-4653- Grass fed beef beyond organic all natural meat wild caught pork seafood Pastured Turkey grass fed buffalo goat lamb pet food dairy The Georgia Beef Company only markets Angus Beef Cattle born and raised in Georgia, so our beef is not only the highest quality, but it is also the freshest beef available for our local clientele. Click here to learn more about the health considerations or here to learn about how to cook grass fed beef. Bulk, gourmet bundles, and by the cut products will be available. Learn more about how the farm started and has evolved over the years to produce Wye Angus grass fed beef. Pasture raised, organic fed chickens. Complete the Order Form Here! As part of our farming legacy we inherited a Fraiser Fir Christmas tree farm. Supporting pasture to plate models means  you can get to know, visit, and ultimately trust the producer of your meat to ensure you buy quality beef for your dining table . Jeff's cows are fattened on beautiful fields of specially planted grasses like oats and triticale. Sycamore Hill Farm offers Farm-to-Table tasting events throughout the year and we welcome visitors by appointment to meet the Wye Angus herd. Sycamore Hill Farm is your market place for fresh and trustworthy grass fed beef. Guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate. WHY GRASS-FED AND GRASS-FINISHED. Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. Please reach out to us with questions about the farm and our herd or how to purchase our grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is very different from grain fed beef both in terms of health, taste, and cooking approach. . After all, the view from the porch is sweet! We believe that grass fed Wye Angus cattle and industrial hemp farming are the agricultural means for our sustainable future. Grass Fed, Grain Finished Beef provides healthy, tender, juicy beef. All Rights Reserved. Our goal at Riverside Acres is to raise meat as nature intended that is both healthy for the consumers and humane for the animals. Grassfed, on the other hand, may be used to label meat from cattle that were started on a grass diet but have either received supplemental grain feed or are finished on a fully grain-based diet. You can also stop by the farm to pick up grass fed beef by appointment. Grass-finished beef comes from cattle that ate nothing but grass and forage for their entire lives. Our grass fed beef are raised in a natural environment. The Georgia Beef Company is currently taking orders for 2020 beef sales. Whole Cow, Half Cow, Quarter Cow Available. It was only then that The Georgia Beef Company was born. The Georgia Beef Company is known throughout Atlanta and North Georgia to produce some of the best grass-fed beef available. NO grains, NO added hormones, NO antibiotics, & NO feed-lot strategies. 706-255-8494, Bridges Angus Farm, LLC It contains more alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid) as well as more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a natural trans-fat that may be one of the most potent defenses against cancer. Ready to Place Your Bulk Order? Our beef is a special custom ordered and then produced to meet each customer’s needs and demands. Our cattle are grass fed for their entire life, humanely treated, and provided lots of open mountain pasture land with pristine water sources, and fresh clean air. Wye Cattle are also one of the most documented cattle herds in the world rivaled only by such programs as the Line 1 Herefords of Ft. Keogh Research Center. They are USDA certified grass fed. Beef sold through farm to table methods that is safer to eat and healthier for everyone! Grains like corn and oats that health-conscious people eat are fed to our cattle as a supplement to their grass intake. © 2019, Sycamore Hill Farm. Box 414 Omega-3s are essential for brain and heart health. Read more about Grain-Finished Beef. Phillip Bridges Currently we are transitioning this farm to grow industrial hemp. It usually has less fat content and some people prefer the taste to grain-fed beef. Glenville, NC, Member of: Learn more about our grass fed beef here! Jeff and his family go far above and beyond. Read more about Grass-Fed Beef. Beef Sales for Atlanta & North Georgia Grass-Fed or Grain-Finished Beef Georgia -The Georgia Beef Company supplies Atlanta and North Georgia with the very best Angus Beef you can buy. Choose and cut Christmas trees are still available as well as greenery for florists and nurseries. 1737 / 234 = $7.42 PER POUND OF PREMIUM, ALL-NATURAL, GRASS-FED ANGUS/HEREFORD BEEF IN YOUR FREEZER!! Unlike commercial feedlot cattle, our grain-finished cattle spend most of their lifetime in the pasture. About Us. Grass-fed cows produce meat with higher levels of omega 3s than grain-fed cows. Call us at 828-293-5936. We believe farm preservation that creates viability in today’s global economy is possible! USDA certified grass fed, birth to harvest! Housing developments are not what we should do with our rural mountain farms. Lexington, GA 30648, Gardening WordPress Theme Copyright 2020 - The Georgia Beef Company, LLC. Grass-fed, grass-finished beef. All natural 100% grass fed Lamb. Natural meat that you'll love to eat!


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