• Continue to spray your all-natural pest control product inside the pantry on a regular basis, perhaps once a week or so to maintain an inhospitable environment for the Grain Beetle to set up shop. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to find out more about the pantry pest treatment options we offer. However, … Good sanitation involves the removal of old grain and dust in and around the grain bin, including removal of old grain from corners, floors, and walls. Cannot be combined with any other offers. An adult is brown. If a sawtooth or merchant beetle infestation occurs, count on a professional pest management service to take care of the problem knowledgeably and successfully. They are not salvageable. It is superficially similar to the rusty grain beetle. Sawtoothed Grain Beetle vs Merchant Grain Beetle Difference. Guidelines To Get Rid of Merchant Grain Beetles. Pestclue is established with the aim of enabling a pest-free environment. Peace of mind. Whether it is dry oatmeal, flour, or a package of crackers and you see way too many small bugs than you would ever want to see! This bug has a flat body with 2 tiny antennae on each side behind its head used to detect directions and close-range threat, it also has 6 projections on each side behind the head. The sawtoothed grain beetles botanically known as Oryzaephilus surinamensis is a unique beetle in the Cucujoidea family, this bug is popularly known as a pest that attacks grain. He said old spices are an often overlooked spot where grain beetles like to flourish. To get rid of these guys you have to throw out infested foodstuff and wash down the shelving and cabinets wherever they are. The adult merchant grain beetles are strong fliers. Have you ever had the nightmare experience when you go to your pantry and pull out food or supplies and find it is teeming with bugs? Magnifying Jaguars Group, How to Treat Eczema with Eczema Fix PLR Bundle, Army Ants: Facts, Behavior & How to get rid. Clean and Vacuum: After inspection and dicarding infested items, clean and vacuum cracks and crevices and shelves. However, the mature larva of both bugs is usually yellowish-white and less than 1/8” long. They can’t fly because of their nature of creation making them unique sets of beetle. That means vacuuming the shelving, wiping it down and making sure you have removed all possible signs of these pests. The larvae of the Merchant Grain Beetle is less than 1/8 inch long; long and narrow with a flattened head. You could even have them on the ceiling hovering near the food sources lying in wait. Look in particular the higher fat items in the pantry like cake mixes, chocolate, bran, brown rice, rolled oats and items that have been in storage for a long time. It has different ways of infestation, however, it could be when the grain is being transferred from the farm, as a result, they could perch on it. Inspect and Discard: Look for signs of their infestations. Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00pm. Some of their favorite meals include cereals, pasta, dried fruit, candies and nuts. Use Insecticide Aerosols: This is to be done after cleaning and before placing the foodstuffs back on the shelves. New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151, Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm We’d love to email you a coupon for $50 off Pestfree365. Acronym: AAD. In a situation where you are facing the sawtoothed beetle infestation in your home, store or warehouse, you don’t need to panic because this bug can be controlled and prevented. They will also attract male moths. However, not ending there, it goes ahead to attack grain product as well, as you read further, in this article you will get to know and understand more about the facts, identification, and control of this bugs. After the eggs are laid and are ready to hatch, the female beetle feeds the larvae, when the larvae must have completed this stage and ready for the next stage which is the adult beetle stage, it is then allowed to go in search of food. The foreign grain beetle is approximately 2 mm (​1⁄12 in) in length. What are the signs of a saw toothed grain beetle infestation? It may inhabit dwellings and infest products such as grains, cereals, oilseeds, dried fruit, and spices, particularly if the product is moldy. I hope all my bugs disappear!Thanks again NE Pest Control. Ensure newly purchased food products are kept safe from contaminated ones.


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