Sign up to the FREE France Today newsletter! The crust varies from grey to orange and the interior is semi-hard with a pleasant buttery and nutty taste. Roquefort; Bleu d'Auvergne; Fourme d'Ambert; Fruité de Boulounnais . A goats’ cheese from the Loire Valley, made in the area surrounding the village which provides its name, which was originally served as a snack for the local grape pickers. The flavours are mild and creamy, becoming more tangy and nutty as the cheese ages – but it will only age for weeks not months. 4.1K. Indeed Charles de Gaulle famously said, “How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?” Here we’ve selected 12 of the best cheeses, from diverse geographical regions, so you can test your knowledge of the country! Prove it with this tricky, cheesy quiz! La couleur orange de la Mimolette de France est due à …une épicesa durée d'affinagela présence de carotène, 9. Test your knowledge of cheese in the cheesiest quiz ever created! Stay with Vendée Holiday Cottages, Strasbourg, the City Which Gave France its National Anthem, French Alps: Ski and Mountain Resort News, Ski This Winter: 7 Reasons Val d’Allos is Your Dream Destination. 4. Boasting a nutty flavour, this cheese is often served after having been aged for a year or two. Say cheese! 10-12: Congratulations, you are a fully paid up turophile! A mild and creamy blue cheese from an area which produces several examples. All the details available here:Online French Courses. 1. There are over 350 to try! See how well you know all the fantastic French fromages in our quiz. Not unlike the Dutch Edam in appearance, this unusual cheese is made near Lille. 10. Copyright © 2020 Ecole des 3 Ponts. You also love your cheese? A whole example of this cheese will come in a squashed ball shape and possess a grey, rough and pitted exterior. The texture is firm and the interior colour is a strong orange. Munster, 5. You can show off at a party but that fancy restaurant cheese board may catch you out. Chabichou, 9. Can you name this French cheese? Grand-Est (formerly Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine), Hauts-de-France (formerly Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy), Nouvelle Aquitaine (formerly Aquitaine, Limousin, and Poitou-Charentes), Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées), Recipe: Spiced squash crumble with Tome des Bauges cheese, Escape to the Château: Angel opens up about her first year at the château. Tomme de Savoie, 11. (Or maybe you’d be happier to wait for our ‘12 best meats’ article?). If you’ve never had a picnic with a simple baguette and a nicely ripened round of this creamy cow’s milk classic from Normandy, well, it’s time to start living! What is it? Dans quelle région est fabriqué le Saint-Nectaire ?AlsaceBourgogneAuvergne, 4. We could not manage the school opening due to Covid-19 crisis and we will stay closed for our 2020 season. Then discover how the methods of our french language school for adults can help to improve your french. 1, but from a completely different region, this fine fromage is a cow’s milk cheese with an edible white rind and a pale creamy interior which softens as it ripens. Quiz: Can you name this French cheese? 3. The rind is a little furry with touches of beige and there’s recently been a fashion for baking it. 6. 8.5. 10. Comté, 8. Which odourous British cheese had a demand increase of 500% after it was seen to revive Wallace in the 2005 movie Wallace & Grommit, Curse of the Were-Rabbit? 5. Qu'y a-t-il au milieu du Morbier ?des moisissuresun colorant naturelde la cendre, 8. Don't forget to share your score on social media! The texture is firm and the interior colour is a strong orange. To send a link to this page you must be logged in. ... For 500 years before the French Revolution this cheese was a tax dodge. Liked this? Clue: This is a natural complex of enzymes produced in any mammalian stomach to digest the mother's milk, and often used in the production of cheese. “Caravane” is the brand name of a cheese produced in Mauritania. An absolute French classic. Le Gruyère a des trous …nonquelquefoisoui, 7. Ecole des Trois Ponts, Villa Beaulieu, 645 rue Marechal Foch, 42153 Riorges, Grand Roanne, France, French language school in France, test Advanced 1. Award. Clue: The cheese was famously issued to French troops during World War I, becoming firmly fixed in French popular culture as a result. The texture becomes firmer with age, from medium to hard, but there is always a distinctive nutty flavour. Roquefort, 12. 9. Le Chabichou du Poitou est un fromage de :vachebrebischèvre, 10. For many people, one of the best bits about going to France is the food - not least the incredible choice of cheese on offer. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this Normandy cheese is that it is often produced in the shape of a heart.


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