HIGH-WATER CONTENT FOOD There are two foods grown on earth with high water content: fruits and vegetables. On the rare occasion that we may ship you an item other than what you ordered, do not open the product or it will void your right to return it. It will do... $ 27.95 Please contact us so we can exchange it for the correct item. Jun 17, 2015 - Fit For Life Food Combining Chart for complete and efficient digestion. The diet is based on the concept of proper food combining, an eating method that prohibits consuming certain types of foods together. L Fruits are best when eaten separate from other foods on an empty stomach . endobj Books, DVDs and CDs are not returnable for any reason. . Digestion & Detoxification, endobj ���� JFIF � � �� C . Health For Men, 6 0 obj Fruit makes an awesome breakfast and an energetic start to the day. 10 0 obj The FIT FOR LIFE FOOD COMBINING CHART remains one of Harvey's most popular and often requested products. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 5>> is high and of to EAT but not a at (3) fruit Don't —t fruits right a Note a body to do with of it£lf_ aOdic, the a Concentrated proteins digestion a FOOD CATEGORIES Non-Starchy Vegetables. 16 0 obj We report the exact amount of the sale on the Customs form. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 1>> 14 0 obj <> This also applies to any special shipping instructions that you have asked us to include on your shipping label or package. Good . We provide a "shopping cart" to allow you to select products as you browse our website. endobj endobj endobj Harvey's Food Combining Chart. 8 0 obj Your name must be pre-printed on the check. You will be presented with your USPS shipping charge in your shopping cart or upon checkout. $ 29.95. Fit For Life Food Combining Chart for complete and efficient digestion. 11 0 obj All costs are estimated by the weight and dimension of the package. Concentrated means that the water content has been LifeMax B 2oz has consistently been a best seller for two decades due to its high absorption and people feel a difference whether it is emotionally or physically. For an estimate of the number of days it takes for FedEx to deliver your package by standard delivery in the contiguous 48 states from our warehouse in Osprey, FL, check this map. Properly combining foods has become one of the simplest and most effective ways to streamline digestion, which in turn alleviates many digestive ailments while dramatically increasing one's energy. Bulk Area: • Raw/unsalted sunflower seeds, flax seeds (brown or golden), pumpkin seeds and unhulled sesame seeds. 5 0 obj Upon checkout from your shopping cart, you may choose a number of shipping options, including overnight and 2-day delivery. Some countries allow for importation of otherwise disallowed products "for personal use only", but not for resale. From outside of the US, you can reach us at 1-941-966-9727 or send us email at. If you can not find what you're looking for, contact us. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 2>> You must contact us for a return authorization number (RAN) prior to returning any merchandise. Join the facebook page here: There is much controversy surrounding this fad diet. Postal Service or Federal Express. We do not ship orders until we receive payment. Fit For Life Food Combining Chart. endobj =�pG�sъ�=�)���{���.����=�ݳ� �\�����sA)��O8�_G9H��5�b���c���|�l��N�ӚIz|N���&���|4�քn��Ş�AΖ���J���.\@�:(+/U?�4 :0 ZS�݅�6E�t���6l�cѠ�3z�dS�CUr���%-;D[c}��$S>`���ps��a�����-{���&y�O�ߴ���5#(���b�xH���y��җ6�?T��9+����B#�q��4�ʚ�Ta��0�Z��54IK�Y��̦�a�Eգ��A]a�ח�^����.RZ]����mb����\��#��AΣ~����f���M��PeY���GkZ޲�kP�1a¡%Jrm�گ�F��W:�Z1S�Sm���ѿB���A��`m=(���?E�z� RULES FOR COMBINING FOOD Eat fruit by itself! The chart can be conveniently placed on the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet door as a quick and easy reference guide. endobj We ship most orders within 5 business days. We do NOT request or require a signature for FedEx deliveries, but we cannot force the driver to leave the package if no one is home. 7 0 obj We promptly reply to questions sent by email. Harvey and Marilyn Diamond developed the Fit for Life Diet in the 1980’s and co-authored a book by the same name. Diamond strongly believed in this.


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