If you take the 'apples' and cut them in qu... read morearters and spread them under your house (pier and beam only, of course), they will keep the insects away. This 2,500 sq. Will Bois d'Arc Lake be stocked with fish and, if so, what kind? While cutting firewood one year, I accidently cut into a bois d'arc branch and was amazed at the bright orange wood. What can you do to prevent bois d arc trees from producing fruit? Q: Some type of white flying insect is attacking my potted plants. Bois d'Arc Maclura pomifera (ma-CLUE-ra pon-IF-er-ah) ​Moraceae (Mulberry Family)OTHER COMMON NAMES: OSAGE-ORANGE,  HORSE APPLE, BOW WOOD, HEDGE APPLE, BODARK, YELLOW WOOD, NARANJO CHINO. Placement of hedge apples around the foundation or inside the basement is claimed to provide relief from cockroaches, spiders, boxelder bugs, crickets and other pests. If I only knew it was somewhat exotic and was used to make duck calls I’d have collected more and burned less of it. To compensate, NTMWD will mitigate more than 17,000 acres of land and plant approximately 5 million trees. ft. home still rests on the original piers, which are Bois d'arc stumps set in the ground. Current plans call for stocking Bois d’Arc Lake with largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie and catfish. I’d surely like to know more about their nutritional value and caloric content! Male tree in flower in the spring.NATURAL HABITAT AND PREFERRED SITE:  Needs full sun. The District is also planning to participate in TPWD’s ShareLunker Program. We belong to Society for Louisiana Irises, American Iris Society, Native Plant Society and Louisiana State Nurseryman's Association. The NTMWD has worked closely with the Fannin County commissioners to identify the best routes for construction traffic. Will the closed Bonham Landfill endanger the quality of water provided by Bois d’Arc Lake? Although insect deterrent compounds have been extracted from hedge apples in laboratory studies, these do not provide a logical explanation about why hedge apples would work as claimed. You can also spread cut up apples around the foundation to keep termintes away also. 501 East Brown St., P.O. Avoid nighttime watering whenever possible. According to the U of Arkansas Ft Smith Arboretum "'White Shield', a male, thornless and fruitless variety with glossy foliage was found in western Oklahoma on White Shield Creek and was named after a Cheyenne chief.". Since you have been successful with this wood for smoking, I just might give it a try. The District plans to create a process allowing property owners to build private boat docks on Bois d’Arc Lake where they are feasible. They turn yellow in the fall. Will there be other noise, dust, safety or other impacts during construction? The exact opening is unknown at this time since a number of variables, including the weather, will determine how fast it fills. Bois d’Arc Lake is the first new major reservoir in Texas in nearly 30 years. If the NTMWD service area experiences a multi-year drought that extends into 2020, it may be challenging to meet the region’s water needs. All roadway improvements and closures have been coordinated with the county to maintain the best access to lake areas, private properties and, most importantly, for first responders in case of emergencies. If an agreement is reached on an easement, NTMWD will send the property owner a check within 10 days of getting the easement approved. They're pinhead-size pests that live mainly on the bottoms of leaves. You can often see bois d’ arc leaning over in landscape situations because the root system has failed. Because of the toughness and decay resistance of the wood, combined with the long, straight, resilient branches that this tree produces, it was prized as a source of wood in which to construct bows in the past, hence it’s name bois d’arc tree, or bow wood tree. Is NTMWD using eminent domain to acquire any properties? Box 2171, San Antonio, TX 78297-2171, or e-mail him at SAENgardenQA@sperrygardens.com. NTMWD’s Board of Directors authorized an agreement for a shoreline management plan at its December 20, 2018 board meeting. Your independent retail garden center will be able to help you choose one. It has no serio... read moreus pests or diseases, and transplants easily. Most people use the entire fruit without cutting in half. Unfortunately,... read more until recently, there have not been equivalent thornless varieties of Osage Orange, but now with the emergence of "White Shield", there is. If you slice the fruit in half, which requires a stout knife, as the fruit is quit hard until it begins to rot, you will find that after a minute or two the fruit begins to “weep”, as you can see in the photograph above. I had little trouble controlling brown patch there, but it's been much more difficult since the move. This is a tree with various names. Mail questions to Neil Sperry, c/o Features, San Antonio Express-News, P.O.


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