Dream catchers are made to protect (usually against bad dreams sent by spirits), but maybe they can protect against other evil forces as well. I don't know if this has anything to do with what is happening, but maybe someone here is from Colorado and could help us connect the dots. All Rights Reserved. The being doesn't seem to be friendly as it is trying to lure the OP into the woods by imitating voices the OP knows. Three True Scary Cabin Stories. If so, these types of issues are not a problem. What if Faye actually ran out that night into the forrest, and who walked out of the bathroom that one night is something else? I can not stress this enough. If the snow melts a bit I'll get back out there and snap a picture of it and post it here. They stopped and started and were rhythmic, like someone was casing the area in a crescent shape around the cabin. I warned you...now you are caught in the dream. How Is Hawaii Is Keeping COVID-19 Under Control? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, This Man's Nightmarish Night in a Log Cabin Is Some Spooky Stuff. I feel it's time I say what's going on here. This isn't unusual because we saw some elk and deer on our hike, but the sounds were slow and purposeful. I woke up to her calling out, "What did you do?" At around 5:20, she sat straight up, swung her legs out of the bed, and tiptoed down the hall. Who knows. Looking outside required me to open the curtains, which lit up our room with moonlight. Eventually she realized that the possibility of it being him was absurd, so we put a movie on at a good volume and fell back asleep. it still feels like Faye to me. No matter what, or who, you hear. I'm still alive because I'm not an idiot. You do that again when it's calling, you run the risk of it coming in. But what about living in a scary story? My mom is alive and well and living in Southern California, so my brain instantly cramped at the sound of her voice out here in the Rocky Mountains. edit: It's Monday, and we got a hold of Faye's dad. I would have flipped on my feet out the dawn window. It might seem like a bad thing, but think about it. When I looked back at the bed, Faye was lying there with her neck craned toward me, her eyes crazy-wide and fixed on me, and her mouth was open. She hurried into the bedroom from the hall and got back into bed quickly, making zero attempt not to wake me. You don't want the chindi following you home. 3 Smoky Mountain Ghost Stories That Will Scare Your Socks Off. Faye woke me up around 1AM. This wasn't the kind you're imagining, the kind you buy from a novelty shop; this thing was made from twigs and twine. We called the ranger station at the bottom of the hill using my cell phone, and they told us they'd get up there and check it out. After a day (Thursday) of lovely hiking and sightseeing, some really unsettling stuff started happening. I'd rather stay another night in that cabin). At about 5:45AM, I woke up to Faye getting back into bed. All jokes aside, be safe. The fact that the Chindi stays out of the boundary shows the dream catcher is working. Save on the cover price & free e-Gift card for Giftees! some redditors had the idea that i should test her, see if she's really her. I got so scared I called her name really loud and woke her up. The definitely sounds like something trying it's hardest to lure you out! I walked into the bathroom and cracked the window open just a tiny bit. That’s what happened to writer Tom Taylor after he booked himself a stay at a remote cabin to spend some time focusing on his craft. Colorado is very rich in Native American folk legend. This, this, this all day. We feel isolated. If the tracks are still there in the morning, see if you can determine where this thing's boundary is. Faye stood there waving, smiling, making gestures, and then touching her face and pulling gently on her hair. For me this would be the point where I would bash her head in with an axe, when it happens to someone you love, its hard to do anything like that. I mentioned this in my original post, but Faye has an undiagnosed sleep disorder. You shouldn't have gone outside; you let it in. She'd been getting up really, really early for a few days. The tree line starts at about 20 yards out, so this sound is coming from much deeper. The edge of the woods? As I brought our plates to the kitchen, I passed by the stairwell, and heard a faint noise from upstairs that sounded like a man sighing. The dreams part though is what worries me. and she didn't respond. It snowed again in the morning, and I stopped getting service for most of the day. Although I'm an agnost/atheist, she is VERY Catholic, and is pretty convinced that something supernatural is going on. After re-reading this story, i believe the spirit (or whatever it was) was using familiar voices to lure you outside. I haven't read the following post so I'm going off what I've read here. She touched her face slowly for several minutes, touched the banister, touched the wall, flicked the light on and off a few times, all the while maintaining her perfectly regular coma-breathing. Her appetite has returned in full force, which is great news. Absolutely humongous. I said this as soon as it happened but OP is being super stubborn about the whole thing. or "Who are you?" She seems to be on the mend. I would know my mother's voice anywhere. I watched her do this motion for about 4 minutes. Faye's grandpa died when we were seniors in college 4 years ago. #ben #creepy #creepypasta #dark #demons #evil #fnaf #ghosts #goosebumps #haunted #horror #jack #jeff #killers #laughing #monsters #murder #paranormal #scariest #scary #scarystories #shortstory #spirits #stories #thriller Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That night after pizza, she fell asleep on the couch while we watched Wedding Crashers. I woke up again around 4 and heard her talking, but this time, she was doing something she's never done before. Ingesting corn pollen or even a little natural tobacco could also help. I followed behind. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this needs further updates. It's day four, and we were planning on leaving today. For a second, I thought someone was lying on the floor at her edge of the bed, talking back to her. My little Corolla is basically a brick of ice outside, and there's no way I'm going to try to make the 6 mile drive down the mountain to the town. I wish I knew more about electronics but I'm a history teacher (sigh), so I don't think I can fix the wifi or predict when it'll work. I went back inside and made sure we were locked down tight. She was confused and asked me why I was at the window; I lied and said I was just closing it because it was cold. I grabbed my light and went outside with a blanket wrapped around me and my hiking boots on. Or maybe the dream catcher was put up as protection by someone friendly. but in time, we will see. My fear would be that she is unknowingly inviting something into your home. Many of us have experienced things we can’t explain. I will expect and update by 5. Nobody could survive outside for long in that. In 5 years she's sleeptalked a bunch but has never whispered or changed her voice until recently. I'm guessing there's a point at which it can't get any closer - try to find out what the line is, and maybe what denotes it. She was absolutely beside herself. Alright, time to read the next one. I think this comment was way scarier than this story. This isn’t a story about my dad and my mom though. Fuck that was scary even reading. I used my really bright tactical flashlight to look outside from the porch, but there was nothing. I said, "Who are you talking to?" Check the thread at your own risk. I made a NoSleep post about the disturbing events that transpired over the course of a few nights. Yo, Navajo here. This time, it was a woman's. Nosleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories. The frosty air that came through that crack seemed like a death sentence to me as a Californian. Faye and I are currently at the cabin. When sleepwalking, Faye might do something she normally wouldn't. Stay safe! You are not wandering out for a midnight hike, and second guessing going out to investigate too much. He sounded like he was calling for help, but he would dip into another language that I've never heard before. Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. What happened last night, Sunday, was the thing that has sent me over the edge. It was totally dark down there. Faye and I flew back from Colorado on Wednesday afternoon. Faye and I watched movies and tried to skype with her family, but that didn't work. I cuddled with her until she fell back asleep, and eventually I drifted off too. I'll try to get some photos up. Got to be thorough. There was snow pushed out of the way in a big, meandering pattern that snaked in and out of the tree line, like someone was drunkenly shuffling around. and she replied, "Don't" and nudged me. It was very dark, but I'm fairly certain I saw a man walking behind the first line of trees. About the same time, I heard a noise outside, which sounded like an old man grumbling to himself about something.


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