Instead of a prong-buckle closure, it has a lever so you can get the right fit each time you put the belt on, and adjust it quickly enough to move from one activity to the next. The hook and loop velcro closure system was designed to allow the belt to contour to the natural shape of the body while also withstanding 100,000 opens and closes. One Prong Clasp Weight Hosting Belt By Stoic, 5. Single prong belts are easier to use than belts with double prong buckles. That means that no matter what exercise you’re doing or how much you’re lifting, this belt won’t tear, rip, or break apart as most other weightlifting belts eventually will. It’s lightweight at only 1.5 pounds, so it won’t take up a lot of room in your gear bag. This belt is actually made of genuine suede leather that can survive just about anything. So, what works best for you might not work for another person. But, if you’re planning to hit the gym hard, you’ll want a 13mm belt instead. Casual lifters and competitors that aren’t at the elite level will do just fine with this one. The other belts on this list are pretty awesome as well, so make sure to check them out! You and your deadlift’s PRs won’t regret it, that’s for sure. The manufacturer is so confident in its product that it’ll offer you a new one if your product fails for any reason. The leather makes it comfortable and so light that it won’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all! You don’t have to worry about this belt becoming more and more flexible with time. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. The suede version is padded in the back for some extra comfort during your lifts. Not much is known about the actual development or construction of this belt, but the Toro Bravo Lever Powerlifting Belt gets right to the point. With this feature, there is practically no risk of the belt opening during a major movement or powerlifting exercise. It’s made of leather, 4 inches wide and 10mm thick. Powerlifting consists of bracing heavy weights from the squat, deadlift, and bench press positions. here is a video that explains it by squat university. We love this belt! That means you can easily push your body to its limits without accidentally throwing out your back during a squat or a deadlift. At six inches wide, the RitFit Weight Lifting Belt might be a bit wide if you’re looking for a genuine powerlifting belt. The leather is oil-tanned for superior finish and durability. This powerlifting belt boasts a comfortable suede lining and a design that promotes adequate lumbar support during exercises like deadlifts and Pendlay rows. This one is also more of a weightlifting belt that also supports powerlifting exercises. Anything that I don’t cover here probably isn’t worth your while, unless there is an awesome type of belt that I haven’t even heard of yet. But, the thinner design doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. Each of the belts on our list is great in its own way. Are you a beginner just looking to give a lever powerlifting belt a try? Like many of the other powerlifting belts on this list, this belt comes from ProFitness. Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt (4 Inches Wide). With consistent use, there is also the risk of the velcro wearing away and becoming less secure. While wearing this type of belt, you can guarantee lower back and core stability and added strength and power during your lift. They should be the same width all the way around, that will normally be 4 inches as that is the thickest allowable by most powerlifting federations. Belts are meant to protect your spine from the stress of that heavy weight. Have a thickness of either 10mm or 13mm and made from very stiff/rugged materials. Obviously, it has its safety benefits too so you may want to throw a belt on for your very heaviest sets. The only notable issue with this belt is the tendency for the rivets to come apart and fall off. This equipment is extremely light and made of genuine leather. It’ll only take you a few minutes to readjust the screws to perfect the fit of this belt, which means you can use your time at the gym to, well, workout. She had dedicated over three years to the educational field as a health and physical education teacher before deciding to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Let’s look at some features you should know about before you shop! Lets start […] With that said, you should look closely at the company’s sizing chart and make sure that you’re purchasing the right size for you. The buckle is made of stainless steel and holds up well to any use you put it to. You’re tired of “breaking in” your powerlifting belts, right? I feel that the ones included really are the best to serve the vast majority of this site’s audience. In fact, the buckle is double-pronged and rolls to adjust and to stay in place. This belt contains a roller buckle enclosure system that allows you to tighten this belt to the exact size of your waist. To guarantee a loyal customer base and consumer satisfaction, the company also offers a lifetime warranty to replace any belts that malfunction. The belt is made from leather and only comes in a white colour with the large Eleiko lettering on the back. Check Price. The perfectly crafted stitching expertise also ensure classy exterior of the product. Best Lifting Belt for Weightlifting Weightlifting athletes will want a belt that doesn’t limit mobility and promotes stability in clean & jerks , snatches , and squat. It’s made of durable suede leather that’ll handle any beating. This belt is rather secure and versatile but doesn’t provide the double-prong roller buckle enclosure system like most belts. If you lift heavy or value intense security, you might want to skip over this belt. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The belt itself is black, so these options are attractive! The best feature of this belt is the fact that it’s a lever-style belt, meaning you can easily lock it into place and be sure that it’ll fit snugly until you release the lever. What’s really amazing about this belt is the lever system. And, this is quite the bulky belt weighing in at a massive 5 pounds. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Instead, they have a quick-release leaver. However, finding the right type from the start can be tricky.


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