We can call it a “Train the trainer training”. Choose the pay in full registration ($599 USD) or select the 2-pay monthly installment plan option ($299.50 now and the balance in 28 days), Register Now! 2020, Passion For Business LLC, Small Business & Consulting for the Self-Employed. Mastermind Members need training and coaching and we have put this into an online Mastermind Members Program 26-week (there is a per user cost that is paid at the beginning of each group). As part of the program, you’ll learn essential business administration strategies to help you: By building on your current skills as a Facilitator, you become more valuable and attractive to your members. Unfortunately, I also hear the horror stories: from mastermind groups that undermined a member’s confidence, […], How will you ensure your mastermind group members are successful? Copyright © I wouldn’t have had the confidence, nor would I have had the structure, had I not been in Synergy. Leave a comment below! Registration Fee: $599 for the six-week live virtual workshop and the three monthly Jam Sessions. Join me and other mastermind group facilitators for this business-building mastermind group combined with world-class education. Its purpose is to promote the development of Generative Mastermind Groups throughout the world and to certify internationaly professional facilitators who want to develop their activity towards the facilitation of Collective Intelligence and Generative Collaboration. A good facilitator is neutral and doesn’t take sides. Take any of my live, virtual mastermind group classes during your membership! Are you offering multi-hour or multi-day virtual events, like full-day mastermind group meetings or weekend virtual workshops? You’re ready to work in a group environment where the combined effect of many minds helps you to find creative answers, share knowledge and experience, and support each other to achieve your most important goals. It's your job to create trust and rapport in the group, help the members coach and advise each other, assist members in creating powerful goals, and hold members accountable for getting things done. Set your goals and intentions for participating in the 12-month Synergy Program in this private video conference. Hi, I’m Karyn Greenstreet. But most times as it happens, the group is unable to come to a conclusion, the meetings are going unsuccessfully and everything and everybody is chaos. I’ve broadened my facilitation skills with formal training and have added mastermind groups to the services I offer clients. And I can’t do it alone: we need skilled, passionate mastermind group Facilitators, just like you, to populate every corner of this world with successful groups. How to Find A Mastermind Group That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Whether you are running a business or self-employed, you need the right mastermind group to explore your hidden potentials. How do you design a mastermind group to ensure your members get results and are successful? Everyone in the group must be respected. A good facilitator should listen to each and everyone and finally speak when he thinks it is necessary or he has come to a conclusion. Access starts the day the workshop begins. Jam Sessions are the second Thursday of each month for an hour, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. eastern* on the following dates: 12:00 pm central; 11:00 am mountain; 10:00 am pacific, 6:00 pm (18:00) London; 7:00 pm (19:00) Zurich/Berlin/Paris. Imagine a mastermind group of Facilitators who hold your feet to the fire so you can be accountable for putting your plans into action. The first and foremost step of being a good facilitator is to help everyone in the group speak and make sure that they have listened. A monthly small group mastermind group meeting, with opportunities for YOU to be in the Hot Seat and share your challenges and ask for help. We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm eastern, for two hours. You get the information, ideas and support you need to move forward faster, make wise decisions, and share best practices. An advanced facilitation skills lesson each month. The goals will be for you to achieve one of your goals every two weeks. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decisions and that the revenue numbers worked. Class recordings are generally made available within 48 hours of the class date. It’s been a great decision to move forward with the Synergy program. In our society or organizations, we always have some issues or problems. Our website receives over 85,000 visitors each year, people looking for mastermind groups to join. As your coach or facilitator, I’ll help you find what’s right for you. Worried about how you’ll keep them engaged? Got questions about virtual mastermind groups? Everyone should have some common goal, same spirits and enthusiasm to achieve the goal. The main focus should always be on the raised issue or problem. As part of the program, you’ll access skill-building lessons to help: As part of your Synergy membership, you’ll be a member in your own dedicated, private mastermind group. All Rights reserved. Motivate people in the group to know that their ideas are good and encourage them so that they level up their ideas and enthusiasm and are comfortable in sharing and participating. Everybody should listen to everybody. And then, throughout the month, just having the availability of the live Zoom meetings is fantastic. All Rights reserved. “The knowledge business blueprint” is one of its kind facilitator training course which fulfills all the requirement to start, fill & run mastermind groups, workshops & training programs. She has the unusual ability to present rich detail which will be invaluable to me in leading mastermind groups, while not overwhelming us, and keeping the big picture clear and focused. Learn more about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course which is the best course for mastermind group facilitators. Facilitating a live Business Mastermind Group is a great way to raise your profile while adding value to others. Trust is important if a group needs to succeed fast. You’re not willing to change and explore new solutions. You get all my classes for free as part of Synergy: Facilitator Training which begins in January and Mastermind Accelerator which begins in February, plus many others! The most effective class I have ever taken!” Paul Severance Center for the New Elder We know that selling is all about adding value, and facilitating a Business Mastermind Group is one of the most effective ways to sell your solutions and services. Duration – 33 hours – You can complete this course in less than a week (33 hours). Are you ready to make your mastermind group AMAZING by becoming a better group facilitator? Being able to do those things and earn a living is a dream. A mastermind group Facilitator is the person trained to run the group and bring out the success of every member. Synergy members get instant access to Facilitator and Accelerator lessons. The most experienced Facilitators find it essential to stay up-to-date with best practice methods. One reason: People crave a successful, satisfying personal and professional life — and they haven’t been able to create it on their own. There are some key similarities and some differences between a mastermind group and groups like Vistage, TAB, YPO, EO, and […], Because a mastermind group is a balanced and equal process where every member should be participating in the discussion, people like you and I who are coaches, consultants and teachers […], I hear wonderful stories from people about how their mastermind group has changed their lives. The facilitation skills for the trainer or promoter is a must for the overall success of a mastermind group. Bonus #2: Six streaming internet videos of a real mastermind group, so you can watch and learn from me as I facilitate a mastermind group meeting. ), “The class was excellent and filled with fantastic information about mastermind group facilitation. In case you’re worried, this won’t be a pushy “sales” type call. That’s why a key part of Synergy helps you…. During your membership, you’ll receive mentoring, marketing training, and business model design and efficiency ideas, along with advanced facilitation skills lessons — all to help you build extraordinary mastermind groups of your own. The most important lesson we have learned is that the key to a successful Business Mastermind group is effective and professional facilitation. They help in guiding everyone else in the group to reach or attain their proposed goal. The live class sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to download the audio and video recordings of the class and study the material again to it at your leisure. When I was opening my company I was a little lost in what I needed for compliancy and support. A monthly live Jam Session — a virtual Q+A group mentoring meeting directly with me. In 2015 I started leading Mastermind Groups for women in business. You will also have access to optional online marketing training to grow your business. Business Masterminding is the answer for you! The program is most suitable to anyone who is interested to form a mastermind group & want to conduct a workshop, seminar or training. I know from experience that you can fill and run multiple successful mastermind groups and make them so extraordinary, your members meet and exceed their goals.


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