By staying away from artificial sweeteners, your hair will have the best opportunity to thrive. For those already suffering from genetic disorders such as androgenetic alopecia, these foods can cause way more harm than good. But just as our hair is impacted largely by healthy food, it is equally impacted by unhealthy food. If you are a fan of diet colas or shakes, you may want to consider reducing your intake or stopping your consumption of these beverages due to the aspartame content. So it’s important to be open to the possibility of many different factors contributing to your condition, rather than just one. The compound is made of two basic components: The phenoalanine molecule has been synthetically manipulated to carry a methyl group which is responsible for the sweet taste we experience. According to Janet Star Hull who counsels victims of aspartame toxicity believes that methanol is the factor which leads to hair loss. Everyone loves a fast food meal every now and then, but try to stay away from these foods as much as you can. In this stage, the hair begins to die and fall out, causing hair thinning and hair loss. These ingredients are aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Diet soda was once boasted as a great alternative for those that want to drink soda without all the sugars. How to Take Care of Your Hair: The Ultimate Guide, The Best Hair Growth Products You Can Buy. According to It is quite possible that the  formaldehyde which results from methanol breakdown creates a form of stress which causes follicles to enter the telogen resting phase. At this time, experts are not certain exactly how aspartame affects the follicles and causes hair to fall out. Eliminating all of these items out of your weekly routine can be difficult, especially if you consume them on the regular. At the same time, it is a helpful tool for documenting the time frames when you are noticing more hair loss than usual. Diet soda, aspartame and hair loss are all intertwined. Healthy Holistic Living reports that 80% of all FDA complaints issued by regular consumers have to to with negative reactions due to this artificial sweetener. Foods like white bread, cakes, pastries, or other over-processed starches are converted into sugar. Protein is extremely important for your hair, but sugar hinders the absorption of it. Many people don’t understand the consequences that some foods have on our hair, causing it to thin, or fall out. What is Laser Hair Growth and How Does it Work? But the truth is, diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda, and even worse for your hair. Once you have accomplished these goals, you can set new ones. Diet soda has been linked to hair loss according to the Food and Drug Administration. Essentially, these glands are overflowing with the oil from your french fries you just finished eating. By going back through your records, it may be possible to find correlations between what you are eating (or not eating) and experiences of extreme hair loss. According to the FDA, aspartame can cause hair loss. Alcohol might allow for a good night, but it can effect the health of your hair immensely. Aspartame has two main ingredients, both of which are naturally occurring amino acids. These could be the sole cause. If these natural oils are absent within your hair strands, you could be left with breaking, splitting hair. Aspartame has been linked to birth defects, diabetes, and even brain cancer, among other health ailments. This artificial sweetener can damage the hair follicles according to medical professionals due to the synthetic chemicals that it contains. Since it has fewer calories than regular sugar, it has become a popular sweetening agent for diet drinks, shakes and the like. Greasy food means greasy skin, and this includes your scalp. However, there are many examples of individuals who will notice certain patterns when they eat certain foods or drinks or stop consuming these items altogether, like the users on Dr. Hull’s website Dr. U believes that it is important for individuals to be vigilant about noticing these patterns, instead of dismissing such phenomena due to the lack of research findings. First work on your daily diet and cut out any unnecessary artificial sweeteners and sugars. This is because there will be a lower production of the natural oils needed to keep your hair strong and healthy. Before you know it, these four foods will be long gone out of your diet. According to our findings and research, aspartame can be linked to hair loss if over consumed. Aspartame is a popular sweetener included in many food products. Are environmental factors important ? Trust me, your hair will be thanking you! You might be asking yourself, “What is aspartame?” or “Does Aspartame cause hair loss?”. Again, break down products may entail adverse consequences to the hair follicles, which are very sensitive organs that often react to stress by going into a resting phase where hair stops growing. Pattern baldness genetics. FDA-Cleared Technology-Click Here to Learn More, Try Kiierr with 7-month money back guarantee + Free U.S Shipping, by Kiierr International | Mar 7, 2020 | Fun Facts About Hair | 1 comment. So in other words, cut back on your nights spent out on the town with friends. This is one way to help them conserve energy for recuperation purposes instead of manufacturing new hair shafts. It’s not a fun time. Once in the body, this group is easily broken off, forming methanol. Your motive for doing so should not only include hair loss, but other health risks as well. » Alternative Treatments » Aspartame « Previous Next » Author: Message Anonymous: Posted on Friday, April 25, 2003 - 10:04 pm: Tom, Have you or anyone out there done any research on the effects of aspartame on hair loss? Diet soda, aspartame and hair loss are all intertwined. Your best bet is to avoid it at all costs. Or it may offer a more permanent and complete solution in others. But if you want your hair to stay strong and healthy, these items should be avoided. This is because the excess oil in these foods is stimulating the oil glands in the body. Excessive exercising: Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a condition in which hair follicles enter the resting … Hello! Consider consuming foods that are whole wheat whenever possible.


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