The objective after that is to eat food with the right nutrients to kill off those free radicals. Alissa Pattrick. Can you plug the Geoclense into a power-board?The Geoclense can go into a power board and be used with a travel adapter in any country when you are traveling. In the 1960’s the technology for cell phones was a science fiction idea, and Gene Roddenberry hired the best Sci-fi writers in the business to write for his TV program. 5 G was installed right next to our skylight. Teresa, you are correct to be concerned. “LAN lines” (network cabling, cat5, cat6, etc.) It is just hitting here lloydminster Canada !wondering what’s to come? Memory loss – having trouble remembering things. "We believe that the link between radio frequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real, and the external experts agreed," said NTP's John Bucher in a statement. The Corona viris is 5G in action. I live just a few miles away from the nursing home near Seattle where a large number of coronavirus deaths occurred. synthetic materials maybe alot cheaper, but they off-gas and also have metals and poly-carbons that help conduct the EMFs….. so use natural materials….. they are so much more comfortable and last longer….. Eat whole, natural, non-gmos, and learn to cook from scratch, as when our bodies are at their optimum, diseases and fungus; bacteria, and yes, even nano-created microorganisms will be rejected…. The patent will lock ALL bodies worldwide to the internet. And I’ve heard about the vaccine they are going to bring out that implants a chip in your body, so they can track every move you make. Download the PDF file: The Effect of the Pendant on the Human Body here. I can make them really fast now because I’ve made many of them for family and friends. The frequency of Earth Magnetic Grid Lines that pass under the car while driving has a debilitating effect on the occupants, which can exacerbate the already noxious energies within the car. Not really. The hints of old mould smell started to disappear. There are better ways to protect yourself from 5G, such as aluminum. D. Cummins, New Zealand, Wearing the pendant has made a significant improvement to my physical and mental health, and I have achieved goals that I had previously lacked the motivation and will-power to achieve. the “size” of the wave is smaller than the holes in the screen door, so the radiation waves cant escape. Cusworth – Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, KinesiologistSpirit Connect, Perth, W.A. Feels like it’s killing me, but if it costs this much to mitigate it, i’m sure that many more than myself will be in serious trouble. The devil is called “the prince of the power of the air.” (Ephesians 2:2). On the way over, I experienced not a lot of jet lag and was really pleased with this. Will the Geoclense help with solar panels on our roof?Yes, it will. NO GOOD JOURNALISTS NOW IN FACT NONE. Very interesting indeed… the petition has been removed. The Stellar Pendant™ is very durable and can be worn in the shower or while swimming in the ocean or a pool without damaging the pendant. Balanced meridians is a sign of health. The current EMF pollution I’m exposed to, including from my own iPhone 7 Plus, torture me every day. A quick Google search yields dozens of results, ranging from cheap 5G phone protective cases and home wi-fi router covers, to reflective skullcaps (more sophisticated cousins of the proverbial “tinfoil hat”) and slabs of undisclosed metal for $1,500 a pop. The creation of 5G is a sign of that. The history of the Aircraft Cabin Disk by Gerard Bini Founder of Orgone Effects. Thank you so much :)"Lisa Kemp"Thank you for the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer. I think the pendant is a very exciting tool that has the ability to bring energetic/physical health to all people. Can I use the Stellar Dome for personal EMR protection?Yes! I have been meaning to email you to thank you for everything! Did you know that an Aircraft cabin may have the same amount of energy-depleting positive charge that an electrical sub-station could have? "I wear the Ener-Band every day and feel completely energised, it has made me feel very happy and I am a lot calmer whilst wearing the band. and notice they are NOT talking about this in the media at all, it would seem as they are literally avoiding the conversation all doing this under our radar so to speak, no pun intended. Contrary to some claims, there are no established health effects from the radio waves that the 5G network uses. They are about the size of a shoe box. they lie about what they are doing. I welcome any suggestions if you would like to elaborate Can this be harmful? The Word state the devil comes to kill and destroy. This dystopian, technological dictatorship has now replaced freedom with fear; self-sufficiency with dependence, fact with propaganda. We have been trying to fight it but the telecom companies are too powerful. As soon as someone touches a mobile phone, they are immediately under electromagnetic stress. might as well get rid of the towers personally since it’s all about money. To understand what this means, let's go back to high school physics: Mobile phones and mobile towers emit radiation, as do radios, microwaves, X-ray machines, and the sun. How often do I need to replace or renew my Geoclense?It's good to update the Geoclense every 3-4 years because of the ongoing research and upgrades we make to the programming when we feel that we can improve the energetics, or, if there have been changes to our energetic global environment. The 26GHz to 39GHz band isn’t being rolled out yet and 60GHz is only used in a few back haul networks like Facebooks TIP projects. I’m already suffering severely already every day. Has anyone got an idea which scalar devices work best? Hi Rob. Operating on the same principle as all the devices in the Orgone Personal Protection Home Pack we recommended above; there are other alternatives that you can consider. I continued to feel light and not heavy headed as in the past. I am very petite. My goal is always to encourage a balanced, healthy life. In combination with this, the rocket exhaust may contain chlorine which is an ozone-destroying element. for telecommunications already in place. Everyone is affected by EMF and how they are affected depends on their general state of health, both emotionally and physically. Now, I’m not saying that you need to throw away all your mobile devices. or DIY it……. I received my new pendant yesterday and as soon as I started wearing it I noticed increased energy. Are they required to let us know? Also, you can go here for another way to protect your home from 5G. "Matt, Albury NSW. I believe it is quartz, although I cannot say for sure. "Nick, Deans Marsh, Western Victoria. Once this data is processed, we will forward reports to government policy makers, providing them the evidence required to force change. The frequency of the LED along with the very low frequency EMF usually creates an immune blockage. The Watch Harmonizer is 15mm in diameter and should be small enough for most Fitbits.


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